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People suffer from coughs for any number of reasons. They may have a cold or allergies, which results in the irritation that makes one cough. Additionally, they may suffer from bronchitis or emphysema, which results in coughing due to lung congestion. A cold or allergies can cause a dry cough, which is usually a signal that the throat is irritated. When the throat becomes irritated, the body’s natural reaction is to try to expel the irritant out of the area. Often, this can result in a chronic cough if not treated properly by a doctor. Someone who smokes has persistent pulmonary problems or has recurring bronchitis will also have a chronic cough. Many times this type of cough will not be dry as it is usually due to lung congestion or bronchi irritation. In addition, this cough will not be as dry sounding but will usually produce mucus from the lungs, which has been expelled.

People with emphysema usually notice a gradual increase in their cough as time passes. In contrast, those who suffer from bronchitis or pneumonia will usually notice an improvement after several days of treatment with antibiotics and inhaled medications. While some coughs can be harmless and simply result from a temporary irritation, some can be very serious. Any time you or someone you know suffers from a chronic cough lasting several days or keeps them up at night, they should be evaluated by a medical professional. They will be able to determine if the cough is a result of a cold or allergies or a more serious condition that may require aggressive treatments to correct. It is important to remember that certain conditions also start with a cough that could be life-threatening. For that reason, you should always consult a doctor.


How to Treat Your Cough?

Treating this condition depends on what is causing it. You may be having an infection. There are a lot of viral coughs that are common and do not need any such antiviral medications. There are some variants where the healthcare provider may suggest changes to the diet or give you a proton pump inhibitor. Drinking water can be a good remedy for a cough. Drinking it periodically can assist in easing the cough by removing dryness or irritation in the throat. Adding it to the air with a steamy shower or vaporizer is also a good method to relieve a cough. You can also try to avoid other irritants such as smoking to relieve a cough. These irritants may be allergens, smoke, scents, or medicines. There are also a lot of over-the-counter treatments available that you can use for coughs. There are a lot of cough medications and cough syrups for adults in pharmacies.

Usually, they have not been proven to work better than just a spoonful of honey. You can also get the required relief from hot beverages such as coffee and tea. This is more so if you put some honey in them. You should not try to give any cough medicines to your kid if they are under seven years of age without the prior approval of a medical specialist.


Meaning of Coughing After Eating

You may be getting some coughs after eating your food. It may be that you had something going down the incorrect way. This means it went towards your lungs instead of making its way towards your stomach. The airways in our body are set up to stop any drink or food from going into the lungs most of the time. But this is typically not considered to be very serious. Sometimes, what you drink or eat can make it past that safeguard and go into the lungs. This condition is known as aspiration. This can happen if you have problems with swallowing or have other lung or digestive issues. You should contact your healthcare provider if you have a lot of issues with eating and coughing.


The Relation Between Cough and Coronavirus

As the world has found out by now, cough is a major symptom of the coronavirus. It can also be a symptom that happens post contracting the virus. This type of cough can continue long after you are infected. You will have various other symptoms also. This can include having trouble breathing, remembering or concentrating on things, and feeling very tired. You should immediately consult your healthcare provider about being tested positive for the virus if you have not been diagnosed with it right now. If you have tested positive, you should follow the suggestions given by the healthcare specialist regarding how to deal with all the symptoms.



A cough is not seen to be very serious usually. It is seen to be quite helpful and normal to have a cough in some situations. It can assist you in getting rid of things in the airways and throat that are making it harder to breathe or irritating the throat. You may get other symptoms like lack of sleep, trouble eating, fever, and troubled breathing. You should call your healthcare provider for further consultations.

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