Dengue Fever

Cured Dengue

It is widely known that mosquitoes carry several diseases. These diseases can make humans sick and can even possibly cause death. One disease that is rapidly becoming a major concern is Dengue Fever. Dengue Fever is transmitted when a mosquito bites a human being. There are four specific types of mosquitoes that carry and transmit this disease. These mosquitoes are most commonly found in the tropical and subtropical regions. Puerto Rico, Latin America, and Southeast Asia are a few examples of places where these Dengue Fever carrying mosquitoes can be found.

There are several symptoms that alert a person to the possibility of having contracted this disease. People with mild to moderate cases often experience headaches, fevers, and muscle or joint pain. A skin rash is also commonly associated with this disease. Symptoms of severe cases of this disease also includes hemorrhaging and shock. Early detection and treatment is essential to a patient’s survival. The patient will first need to be rehydrated. This is commonly done by having the individual drink lots of fluids. However, there are times when intravenous fluids must be used in order to properly rehydrate the victim. Individuals who have severe cases of Dengue Fever will often require blood transfusions, too.

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for Dengue Fever. The best course of action a person can do is prevention. Wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants is one course of the actions to help reduce the chances of being bitten by a mosquito. Using bug repellant is another way to help reduce the chances of being bitten. Symptoms of this disease can often take a while to be present. However, anyone who feels they may have been exposed should seek medical attention right away. This will help reduce the chances of developing a severe case of the disease.

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