Diabetes, Gestational

Cured Diabetes, Gestational

Pregnancy can be both a blessing and worrisome experience for women. There is the weight gain, mood swings, and the possibility of gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is essentially diabetes in pregnant women. After the baby is delivered, the diabetes goes away. There are no real causes as to why women have diabetes while they are pregnant. Women can manage gestational diabetes and have a healthy pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes is a common problem that pregnant women deal with. Women have blood tests done early in the pregnancy to screen for high blood sugar. If the levels come back abnormal, then a three hour test is done. If the blood sugar levels are still high, then the diagnosis of gestational diabetes is made. Blood sugars will need to be monitored at least twice a day, and the diet will need to be adjusted. Even thought the woman has diabetes during pregnancy, it does not mean her baby will have diabetes or that she will have it after she delivers. The weight of women who have gestational diabetes will be kept under control by the doctor because babies tend to be larger. There are usually no other birth issues associated with diabetes.

Sodas and drinks that are high in sugar should not be consumes while pregnant, as well as candies and foods high in starch. Women who have diabetes while pregnant need to consume water and healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Women can exercise to keep weight under control, but it needs to be done in moderation. Walking is an easy and safe form of exercise that can be done throughout the pregnancy. Once the baby is delivered, the diabetes will go away. Later on life, the woman may need to be tested again for diabetes. Gestational diabetes tends to be a precursor for diabetes later in adulthood.

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