Digestive Disorders

cured Digestive Disorders

Digestive Disorders are common, but the reasons for the problem can vary from person to person. Each is different and sometimes it can take a while to figure out what is wrong. Doctors can help with advise on how to relieve the pain or medication to help temporarily solve the problem, but discovering what is causing the problem takes team work between the doctor and the patient.

Begin by asking the patient about any known allergy problems with foods. If they are unsure, then question them further about eating habits each day. Sometimes a food allergy can cause a great deal of continuing pain and digestive problems without the knowledge of the patient. A patient with a food allergy to citrus cannot eat foods such as oranges, lemon, and tomatoes. They must also be aware of all foods that contain citrus for flavor and color protection. There is a large number of people allergic to anything with wheat in it. This is much more difficult because so many processed foods contain wheat and wheat by products. They must learn to read labels and be very careful when selecting meals. Rice flour can be substituted and is available in most grocery stores across the nation.

A Crohn’s disease patient cannot tolerate milk or milk products. But they have the option of using rice milk or a version of smooth almond milk. It works well in dishes that call for milk, including pumpkin pies, puddings, and other dishes. It will help to prevent digestion problems and your system will become healthier in just a matter of weeks by changing your diet. If problems continue after eliminating and changing the daily diet, then doctors can test for other problems i.e. ulcers and cancer. Always begin with the easiest to adjust before assuming the worst. There are a number of medical test available to narrow down the problem and what is causing it. Many times it is just test and try, but if the patient is not willing to make changes to their diet they may have to live with the disorder for the rest of their life. A doctor cannot create a cure for something that is simply a change in diet.

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