Dry Skin

cured Dry skin

Dry skin is one of the most common problems around. More than half the population suffers from some type of skin condition. The cause for this itchy skin condition will vary from weather conditions to the products we use. Dry skin known as “xerosis” is uncomfortable; often times leaves a red chalky appearance. Skin is designed to hold in moisture but the environment or other situations strip away the natural moisture abilities that holds moisture in causing it to become dry. It can be treated and prevented with a few precautionary measures. One of the most common reason the skin can dry out is the weather. Cold weather will dry out the skin leaving it red and itchy, even making it crack if the condition gets severe enough.

The best preventative measure to use is a good moisturizer. Be careful to avoid the perfume ones, they will not do the job of fighting dry skin. A good moisturizer has to be fragrance free and will be greasier and thicker than most. Properly applying it is the key to getting all the benefits of your moisturizer. Always use it after you bathe or shower before your skin has a chance to get completely dry. Turning the thermostat down in your home or using a humidifier will not only combat dry, itchy skin, but it will help with those winter heating bills. Sometimes the bath soap used will play a part in keeping your skin dried out. A good soap needs to be free from scents and absolutely no antibacterial bodies, which will aid in drying out the skin. If plagued by dry skin and you can’t seem to find anything to ease the problem by all means go to a dermatologist. They can guide you to getting the proper aid to clear the condition up.

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