cured Eczema

People often get a case of really dry skin. Dry skin is normal and sometimes it itches. People who have the skin disorder of Eczema know all too well how disturbing itchy, dry skin can really be. Lotion will not help to take it away and no amount of scratching can ever reach the root of their itch. Eczema often is not only dry patches of extremely itchy skin it also may involve scaly skin or blisters.

The causes for Eczema depends on age that it occurs, allergies and even genetics. This skin disorder often appears in infants and often it will disappear once the child reaches puberty. It will begin on the child’s face or feet and will often acts like a rash and spread. The scalp area of the child is another common area that Eczema likes to appear and will often mimic the look of cradle cap on the infant. In older teens and adults the outbreak of Eczema generally will only appear in the folds and bends of the skin. It can usually be found on the backs of the knees as well as the insides of the elbows.

While there is no known real cure for Eczema there are ways to help avoid it. Water is one of the number one culprit in outbreaks of this skin disorder and will further dry the skin out more. Avoid taking too many baths or showers and try to steer clear of swimming pools that contain chlorine. If the Eczema is caused by allergies a trip to the doctor may be in order. They can perform a tack test to find all the allergies that the person may have and help them to avoid contact with as many as possible. There are many over the counter helpful products sold that helps to take away some of the side effects of the disorder. Hydrocortisone cream will ease some of the itching of the dry patches, but it should not be used over a long period of time. Benadryl is another helpful product sold that can help ease some of the misery of Eczema, but it does have the downfall of making the person become tired. A doctor or dermatologist will recommend the right product for this purpose.

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