cured Epilepsy

There are several neurological disorders that affect millions of people every year. Epilepsy is one of these disorders. This condition is caused by brain activity that is abnormal. The epileptic will suffer from a seizure when the abnormal brain activity occurs. There are several degrees of seizures, from mild to severe, that an epileptic person can experience. Seizures can be classified into two categories. Partial seizures occur when only one part of the brain is affected during the episode. Generalized seizures occur when the entire brain is affected during the episode. There are several different types of seizures that are placed into these two categories. However, the most commonly known types are listed under the generalized category. These types of seizures are often referred to as Petit Mal and Grand Mal seizures.

Several factors can cause a person to develop this neurological disorder. Severe head trauma is one of the leading causes. Many people who have a developmental disorder, such as autism, may also suffer from epilepsy. Patients that suffer from certain diseases, such as AIDS or meningitis, may also experience epileptic seizures. Genetic influences may also cause some people to develop this condition. A person must experience two seizures before they can be considered candidates of this type of seizure disorder. Once a person has experienced two or more seizures they can be tested. There are several tests that can be administered to help determine whether a person has Epilepsy or not. These tests include an Electroencephalogram (EEG), a Computerized Tomography (CT), and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Blood tests are also typically performed during this process. A person who has been determined to suffer from Epilepsy have several options for treatment. These treatments are often taken in the form of medication. There are several different types of anti seizure medications on the market. The prescribing neurologist will help determine the best dosage for each individual person.

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