Genital Warts/HPV

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HPV that causes genital warts is known as low risk HPV. HPV is the Human Papillomavirus that affects many people. There are actually over a 100 different types of HPV. The low risk types of HPV, are the types that will cause genital warts on individuals that become infected. Some of the symptoms that come from this type of HPV, is of course warts as one of the first signs. Sometimes the warts can be accompanied with burning, itching, and irritation. If you have genital warts that are located inside the vagina, you may experience some bleeding that may come with some form of discharge. Not all warts are located inside the vagina. Some of the warts can be located on the outside, or any other location. Warts can be internal or they can be external, but people need to keep in mind that there is no cure for HPV.

HPV is diagnosed through a pap smear. Genital warts are diagnosed by examination from a doctor. Doctors can definitely treat the warts. You will need to be careful when it comes to sexual activity, because this is how someone else can contract it. When the warts are not visible, this does not mean that you cannot spread them to your partner. That is why practicing safe sex techniques will be your best bet when dealing with HPV and warts.  Doctors will usually give some type of medicated cream to treat genital warts. The only way to really get rid of the warts completely is by surgery. Surgery does not always mean that the warts cannot come back. If one chooses to have a procedure called freezing of the warts, they will need to have this process done every 1 to 2 weeks because this is not a permanent treatment either.

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