Hair Loss

cured Hair Loss

Losing hair is a major problem. According to the latest statistical data, more than 45% of people of practically all ages face this cosmetic and medical problem. There are many factors causing hair loss, among them being: insufficient and/or bad nourishment (resulting in avitaminosis and deterioration of metabolic processes), poor hygienic condition of hair and head skin (causing dandruff that prevents normal hair growth); hereditary susceptibility and others. It is vitally important to note that hair loss can be a consequence of a serious disease (such as cancer), so individuals who experience this problem are strongly recommended to pay a visit to a doctor with no delay in order to have essential analysis taken.

As a matter of fact, restoration of normal hair growth is a rather complicated procedure. It is supposed to include three basic components: 1) promoting hygiene; 2) keeping to a healthy diet; 3) using hair restoration cosmetic means. Regular hair combing with a massage comb activates microcirculation of blood which stimulates hair growth. Moreover, every person is expected to use hygienic products in order to improve the sanitary state of own hair and head skin. Regular usage of anti-dandruff shampoos with sufficient content of minerals, such as zinc and sulfur are known to fight dandruff and improve hair growth. People who experience hair loss are recommended to consume natural food rich in: vitamin A (meat, poultry and fish); B (wheat products, beans, milk, cheese, eggs etc.); C (fresh citrus fruit and green vegetables) and beta-carotene (orange and yellow fruits and vegetables). Hair growth stimulating cosmetic means comprise special placenta-based liquids to be applied on head skin. Liquid penetrates the skin, warms up the area around hair follicles by stimulating blood circulation. Placental elements provide mass supplies of nutritive components to hair roots thus favoring its growth.

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