Heat Rash

cured heat rash

Heat rash is a horrible condition that can make it unpleasant to be out in the warmth of the summer. If you are someone who enjoys the fun of the outdoors in the summer, heat rash can make normally fun outdoor activities uncomfortable and unenjoyable. There are ways you can lower your chances of getting heat rash if you take certain precautions, and there are also medicated creams that can help if you are already feeling the effects of heat rash.

Heat rash is caused by hot and humid conditions, and it causes itchy rashes on the skin of those who suffer from it. It is common in people of all ages, but children and babies are more susceptible to heat rash because of their underdeveloped sweat glands. Most people who are inflicted heat rash will get itchy rashes, but some will little blister like lesions. Certain parts of the body are more prone to heat rash like the neck, face, and under the breast and scrotum, but heat rash is also seen in areas of folding skin, or areas where clothes rub on the skin like the back or chest.

Heat rash is an uncomfortable condition, but it can be prevented or treated quite easily. To prevent heat rash, try and stay out of the heat when it is very hot outside. If you must be out in the heat, make sure to wear loose, light colored clothing to try and stay cool. Cold showers or baths can also help to cool your body down and alleviate the symptoms associated with heat rash. If you get heat rash, there are topical creams your doctor can prescribe to help.  It’s not fun to suffer from heat rash, but if you take the right precautions, and take it easy in humidity and heat, you should be able to enjoy your summer free from the burden of heat rash.

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