Hot Flashes

Cured hot flashes

Hormonal changes causes a person to experience hot flashes. When someone thinks about hot flashes, they think about menopause. That is because hot flashes are highly associated with menopause. There are several options for women who cannot deal with their hot flashes that good, otherwise you just let them pass. There are several symptoms that associate itself with hot flashes. Some of these symptoms include having a heartbeat that is rapid, upper body perspiration, a feeling of being cooled as the hot flash calms, red flushed skin, pressure in your head, and heat that spreads through your body and face. Rarely do people ever experience symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, dizziness, or faintness when it comes to hot flashes.

Some people who have hot flashes, have trouble sleeping. You doctor can base your hot flash symptoms by asking you a few questions and basing it on medical history as well. If your hot flashes are that bad to the point that you cannot deal with them, your doctor may suggest hormone therapy, or some type of prescription medications to better help with hot flashes. There are some things at home that you can do to help yourself out with hot flashes. You can try to keep cool, watch what you eat and drink, relax, breathe deeply, and most importantly do not smoke if you already do. You can deal with hot flashes this way if your hot flashes are relatively mild. Medicine that can be used as an alternative for hot flashes instead of prescription medications are black cohosh, and soy and red clover. These are all some good, natural herbs that can be purchased over the counter at many herbal stores. Many women find that these supplements help them deal with menopause in general as well as hot flashes.

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