Cured Jaundice

Jaundice (say john-diss) is a medical condition that commonly occurs in newborn babies. This illness can be spotted by observing the eyes, skin, and mouth. If there is a yellowish color in these areas, most likely it is Jaundice. A substance called bilirubin causes the body to turn yellow if too much is in the body. Read on to find a few answers to questions about Jaundice.

Most infants’ red blood cells have a short life span. A high level of bilirubin travels through the liver as a result and this organ is not fully developed nor is it ready to process the bilirubin so the skin turns yellow due to a low red blood cell count. Keep in mind that most cases of Jaundice are not serious.

Check the color of the baby’s skin and eyes. Visually inspect the inside of the baby’s mouth and look for pink skin. If there is yellow skin inside the mouth, it may mean that Jaundice is present. Jaundice can be found on various areas of the body. The key is to try to locate yellow skin. However, if yellow skin is found, contact the baby’s pediatrician. The best way to tackle the problem is to get early preventive care and treatment for the child.

Most of the time, this condition will go away and treatment is not needed. There is a process call Phototherapy for more severe cases of Jaundice. During this treatment, the infant will be placed under special lighting for about one or two days. This type of therapy simply reduces the amount of bilirubin in the body. A trained physician can explain which method is best for each patient. Please keep in mind that this information is only written to inform the reader and it is not medical advice.

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