Liver Cancer

Liver cancer can consist of two different types of cancer, which can either be primary, or metastatic. When the cancer starts in the liver itself, it is referred to as primary. If the cancer has already spread from the liver to other parts of the body, it is then referred to as metastatic. People with liver cancer will experience symptoms such as jaundice, weight loss, and fatigue.

There are many known causes of liver cancer Cirrhosis, years of excessive alcohol, and smoking. Doctors use various methods of testing and diagnosing to determine if a patient is suffering from liver cancer. A history and physical exam will be one of the first things doctors will give. Doctors will also give an Alpha-Fetoprotein Blood Test, and a CT of the liver to see if they can diagnose the cancer.

Every person that has liver cancer may not go through the same types of treatments. It all depends on the stages of the cancer, and whether it is primary or metastatic. Doctors will also look at the patient’s age to determine the type of treatment they should receive. There is no actual treament for the cancer itself. All of the treatments that patients may receive are just given to relieve some of the pain that they are experiencing. Patients can recieve radiation thearpy, a liver transplant, or even a partial hepatectomy depending on the severity of the cancer.

Liver cancer is definitely extreme and it is usually too late for most people by the time that it is diagnosed. By the time that it is diagnosed, the cancer has already spread making it difficult for patients to last that long through any treatments. Most people end up dieing within a few months after being diagnosed. This is definitely a very serious, fatal illness.

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