Lung Disease

There are so many different types of lung diseases. Lung disease is when a problem occurs in your chest. Lung disease can prevent you from getting air. This could be asthma or even bronchitis. Asthma is when your chest is swell and it is hard for you to breathe, or the breathe that you take can feel short. Always having to catch your breath when you move around. Bronchitis feels like a cold in your chest. It’s a infections and also can cause you to have breathing problems.

Lung disease can also be lung cancer. This disease starts right in the chest and it goes after your oxygen making it hard for you to breathe. Lung cancer affects your cells and your tissue growth. And it can also spread to other parts in the body. The cancer can grow and get between your airway.

Smoking is the biggest cause for lung disease. If you are a smoker it’s best to stop or around smokers, you need to warn them about lung disease. People who have jobs in the mine or a play place will face this problem with lung disease too. You should try to always wear a face mask for protection, or any other type of gear to work.

The signs that happen to people that have lung disease would be breathing problems. Also coughing up blood, and having pain in your chest. If you see these signs it’s best to see your doctor right away before it can lead to something terrible. Being able to treat early is better than waiting and you become really sick. It is good to get check up’s often on your health. Especially if you are a smoker or around people that smoke. Lung disease is a stuff disease to fight and you could be fighting for years.

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