Mad Cow Disease

Mad Cow Disease is a disease that infects cattle’s brains. Humans can contract this disease from eating tissue that is unclean and comes from cattle. When humans contract this disease, it will eventually turn fatal. That can develop over the years to come and usually not right away. The human disease form of mad cow disease is referred to as variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Adult cattle that are infected with this disease may start to slowly develop symptoms. From the time that cattle become infected, it can take 2 to 8 years for them to start showing symptoms. A change in attitude and behavior, continuous movements that lack control, weight loss, weight loss, decreased milk production, and trouble standing and walking, are all symptoms that adult cattle may experience. Humans can develop some similar symptoms such as problems with their memory, lack of muscle control, and muscle spasms.

Treatments for mad cow disease include only medications to help soothe symptoms. Doctors will usually refer their patients to neurology. No matter what kind of treatment and medication is given, people will die from this disease. People can last anywhere from 8 months to even 60 months after diagnosed.

Contaminated beef should be avoided at all costs. Eating poultry and fish can help with not putting yourself at risk for mad cow disease. People may also need to avoid beef that contains bits of spinal cord or brain tissue. This disease if definitely rare for humans to catch. Over 180,000 animals are known to develop this disease. There is nothing that can be done to treat it once someone has it. It is very deadly and only medications can control pain or things such as seizures. Other than that there is no other options available. Mad cow disease is something big in the cattle population.

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