Once a woman begins to reach a certain age she will experience the effects of menopause. It changes your body, your emotions and many times it can change your life. If you have the right attitude when menopause begins it will be much easier and the change can be a very positive one. It is the end of a time when you could get pregnant.

For many women they are taught to think that since they can no longer have children they are considered old. Most women are done having a family by this time so feeling old because you have begun menopause is a taught emotion that is useless. Old is a state of mind for most American women and the fact your body is changing has nothing to do with how useful you are to yourself and others.

You can survive the change without medication, but if it helps you to feel better then go ahead and check with your doctor. Hot flashes are the most annoying thing to happen. You are not going to die, it just feels very hot for a while and then you will be fine. Your emotions will range from very happy to very sad to just no emotions at all. By being aware of what you will go through you can learn to control your thoughts and protect yourself against over reacting to any situation or falling into a deep depression of something that is a minor issue.

During menopause the best thing a woman can do for herself is to take a yoga class. The meditation and gentle exercise will build muscle, control weight gain, increase flexibility and relax the mind. You need to take time to pamper yourself at this point in your life so you can enjoy the rest of your life free from pregnancy worries and face the world without worrying about working around monthly blood lose.

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