Shin Splints

Shin splints refer to pain in the tibia. The tibia is also known as the shin bone. It is located in the front of your lower leg. Shin splints can result from physical activity. They happen when too much force gets placed your shin bone. They commonly occur in athletes, such as runners, basketball players and soccer players.

If you have shin splints, you will feel pain when you’re exercising. If they are not treated properly, the pain will become continuous. One of the most common symptoms of shin splints is tenderness. You will have soreness or pain in the lower part of your leg. Along with that, you may also experience a mild swelling. The pain will be especially noticeable when you are being physically active.

In order to treat shin splints, you will need to spend time resting. Not only that, but you will also want to ice your shins. If the pain is bad, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever. If the pain persists, you will want to seek prompt medical attention. You should seek medical care if your shin becomes hot and inflamed. Not only that, but you will also want to seek medical help if the swelling becomes worse. The doctor may choose to use an x-ray image to determine what the problem is. In some cases, shin splints can turn into a stress fracture.

The cause of shin splints will vary from person to person. However, excessive force is always the underlying reason. It is particularly common among runners. Running downhill and running on a slanted surface is one of the biggest factors. Running in worn-out shoes can also create problems. Therefore, you should always replace your running shoes when they get worn-out. This will be one of the best ways to prevent shin splints.

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