Whether they are called sexual transmitted infections or sexual transmitted diseases, they are in fact a devastating health problem and a highly financial burden in today’s society. For many years, scientists have studied STD’s, in hopes of gaining a better understanding of where they came from and to obtaining better treatments and cures. While it is natural for humans to participate sexually, many people do not know the truth or facts about sexual diseases and therefore do not know how to properly protect themselves. Ignorance is the key that allows diseases to rise dramatically, particularly occurring among adolescent African- American woman, in addition to those one- quarter of sexually active teenagers will acquire a disease. There is no common or typical STD and sadly many will die from some sort of complication. Proper treatment in a timely manner is almost always the solution for living a better life even if you have acquired an STD. STD’s are diseases or infections that are transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids such as semen and blood or skin to skin contact. Affecting more than twelve million people a year, they are usually passed through ways of sexual intercourse including vaginal, oral and anal sex. Occasionally called venereal diseases (VD) or sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), there are more than two dozen that are known and have been categorized into bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. Protecting yourself is definitely the answer to not acquiring an STD. Although having a bacterial disease is treatable, if it is not taken care within due time, it can lead to more serious problems. For those with viral infections, they must be lived with for the rest of someone’s life. Ranging from simple diseases like crabs to deadly ones such as HIV &AIDS, one needs to be aware or their surroundings and learn what these symptoms are and to get checked immediately.

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