Stomach Flu

The “stomach flu is an illness known as gastroenteritis, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Not to be confused with influenza or the flu. The stomach flu is caused by a variety of viruses and bacteria. Symptoms Include stomach cramps, diarrhea, fever, and nausea. Vomiting may also occur. Do not be too alarmed however if you have the stomach flu. Though there is no cure or vaccine for gastroenteritis, the symptoms usually only last for about 2 to 5 days.

If you have the stomach flu, get lots of bed rest, avoid eating solid foods, and drink plenty of liquids especially if you are vomiting. Be sure to drink liquids that contain lots of carbohydrates and electrolytes if you are feeling dehydrated. Your body needs to refuel when you get low especially if you have been suffering from diarrhea or throwing up.

As you begin recovering from the virus, gradually build up to solid foods so that your digestive system can return back to normal. You may try to go from chicken soup and fruit juices to bananas rice and noodles slowly building up to your usual diet when your digestive system is back to normal.

Beware however that Gastroenteritis is contagious and is spread by coming in close contact with another person. However good hygiene can easily act as a preventative measure against the spread of the virus. It is very important to wash your hands before and after you eat as well as to and from the bathroom and even coming and going outside. Proper hand washing has been proven to be effective in preventing the spread of most bacteria. Also, proper diet and a controlled appetite can severally cripple the risk and spread of infection. Remember this if nothing else, prevention is the best cure for any disease.

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