In medical terms a cerebrovascular accident means stroke. A stroke is caused by a disturbance of blood supply to the brain. A stroke is considered to be a major medical emergency. There are quite a few risk factors for stroke and they include old age, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, and more. Strokes are classified into two major categories and they are ischemic and hemorrhagic. Numbness and muscle weakness are some symptoms. Taste, hearing and vision is also effected by a stroke. Sometimes the symptoms may be located on just one side of the body. Headaches and vomiting may also occur when one has a stroke.

If you are someone you know suffers a stroke, then you should seek immediate emergency medical attention. A stroke can cause parts of the body to become paralyzed. This is a serious medical condition that involves movement of the body limbs. A person’s breathing may necome paralyzed. If medical attention is not sought, then death may occur. An embolic stroke occurs when there is a blockage of an artery. A stroke can cause the brain to suffer a hemorrhage. This is bleeding in the brain which causes intracerebral pressure.

Strokes can affect the central nervous system. Disorganized thinking and confusion can occur. People who are recovering from having a stroke may have trouble with balance and experience problems walking. This problem may be corrected by attending physical therapy. Some people fully recover from a stroke while others never do. It depends a lot upon how severe the stroke is. There are many specialists that can help you recover from a stroke. The road to recovery may be long or short. Strokes are also hereditary. There are preventive measures to help you avoid strokes. Living a healthy lifestyle and eating a well balanced diet is a good start.

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