Thyroid Nodules

cured Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid Nodules are different in size they are mainly growths that appear in some cases sudden from either high levels of stress or the insufficient amount of vitamins that the body would need for main example Iodine.

The thyroid is one of the key players in helping the human body respond and operate regularly on a day to day basis! Its main objective or job is the control of your metabolism (energy) mainly being the source of which your body can move and the speed your body moves to. The thyroid can be affected easily yet can be dealt with in many ways such as the use of medication or even surgery!

There are two main groups which the thyroid having these nodules can be placed in and they are as follows:

!. Hypothyroidism- This is when the thyroid has either not the sufficient amount of resources (vitamins) to interact or do its regular duties as pose to being sufficiently induced. Main symptoms of this is a low metabolism, the fact that you may fall sleep or become tired in many situations of waiting, doing something such as watching tv, listening to music all of these that may not require much bodily movement!

2. Hyperthyroidism – This is mainly when the thyroid has a high amount of vitamins and the person may not do the required amount of actions to get rid of this high amount of energy, so therefore the thyroid is then left making these large amounts of metabolic energy for the body and its not being used causing the body not to react normally which such signs such as increased blood flow or even heartbeat rate can be encountered.

Simply put the effect of these nodules developing from the thyroid can have a major downfall in the regular day to day uses of the body. Not only the internal body is effected but also the external which can result in the swelling of the neck and maybe even the face which can be seen and notice by many of the public!

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