Type II Diabetes

Type II is the most common type of Diabetes. Type II diabetes occurs when the body’s cells cannot respond to the production of insulin As a result, a person blood sugar levels rise to abnormally high levels. Some of the signs and symptoms of this condition include: increased hunger and thirst, weight loss and frequent urination. People who are exhibiting any of those symptoms should see a doctor immediately for an examination.

If left untreated, Type II diabetes can lead to other serious conditions heart disease, blindness and diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that interferes with the circulation of blood to the legs, feet, hands and arms. It is the reason that many diabetics have to get one of their limbs amputated. Fortunately, Type II diabetes can be treated and prevented.

Some patients with this condition may be advised to take insulin to control their blood sugar, while others may only need to take medication. Doctors also recommend that Type II Diabetics follow a special diet that is filled with fruits, vegetables, grains and lean protein. Diabetics are also encouraged to check their blood sugar several times throughout the day to make sure that the level is not too high or too low. People who monitor their blood sugar frequently also have a lower chance of developing complications.

Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can also be very effective for the treatment and prevention of Type II Diabetes. Studies have shown that most people who have this condition are over their ideal body weight and exercise helps promote weight loss. Losing as little as ten to fifteen pounds can help diabetics control their blood sugar better because their bodies are more apt to respond to insulin. Additionally, losing weight can prevent Type II Diabetes from occurring in the first place.

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