6 Easy Ways To Rev Up Your Married Sex Life

cured  Married  Sex Life

Are you married or otherwise in a monogamous long-term relationship? Rachel Needle, PsyD, a sex therapist and a clinical psychologist out of West Palm Beach, Florida confirms that not only can recharging your sex life improve your relationship but it's healthy too. She says: "Sex is an aerobic activity, which means it can boost your heart health.” 

Indeed, she adds that a single “energetic act of intercourse burns 180 calories – which . . . is equivalent to about 20 minutes of gentle jogging.” Spicing up your sex life isn’t that difficult. Try these tips to stir up more heat between your sheets.


Book Date Nights And Romantic Activities
Schedule time to spend with your partner. A sex therapist who works out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Austin and San Antonio, Texas Susan Kaye, Ph.D., says that doing so is actually “one of the most loving things” someone can do for a spouse. She recommends the book 8 Erotic Nights. A couple can use books like that to take turns choosing arousing, intimate activities that will help them connect with each other.


Make Out Like Teenagers

At the start of most relationships, couples enjoy a lot of deep, wet, probing, sexy, breath-stealing kisses. They touch, caress and squeeze each other in an arousing, intimate fashion. (Editor’s Note: Ladies who have never experienced this may do well to contact the writer of this piece.)

But seriously, folks, as a relationship continues, that movie theater back row behavior takes a back seat to more mundane activities such as chores and childcare. Dig deep down inside you and find your inner teenager. Take your partner in your arms and kiss and hug and snuggle up like you once did when you first met. Doing this can help you keep your marriage alive.


Share Your Sexual Fantasies
Married couples often underutilize fantasies. Experts agree though that it is very important to use your imagination and share your sexual desires with your spouse. If you are initially shy about sharing, try setting the mood via nixing electronics, lighting candles and putting on some mood music. Once a romantic dinner and drinks have relaxed you both then you can open up to your partner.


Try Something New
Is your sex life predictable? Switch it up and try something new. Try a new lovemaking position or use a blindfold to change the focus of the sensory experience of the sex act. Be a little daring and experiment with sexy lingerie, role play, sex toys or even try making love in a different room.


Watch A Sex Video
If you shy away from pornography, there’s always couples porn or even softcore porn such as that on Cinemax. Some professionals recommend The Better Sex Video Series, which is a cornucopia of sex education shorts. The series covers such subjects as erotic massage, the four fundamentals of foreplay, sexual anatomy, and Kama Sutra positions among other things.


Consult A Sex Therapist
If you try all these tips and still feel like your love life is in a rut then consider speaking to a sex therapist. Therapy is not just for serious issues. A sex therapist can also assist with both sex education, sexual growth, and sexual development.

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