Filling Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight Faster

cured Lose Weight Faster

Ever get that gnawing hunger when you are trying to eat less to lose weight? You can beat that feeling if you make the right choices. If you want to feel full on less food, here are some filling foods and strategies that will help you lose weight faster.


‘Lean’ On Protein And Don’t Forget Fiber
Include fiber and protein in your diet. Emily Banes, RD, a clinical dietitian who works out of the Houston Northwest Medical Center, reports that a clinical study of 22 subjects revealed that men who consumed the least amount of protein were more apt to be hungry. Barnes stated that protein was the best thing to make you “feel full” followed closely by fiber.


A Fruity Choice

Eat fruits and vegetables. Researchers analyzed a weight-loss study involving 71 obese females ages 20 to 60. Half of the subjects were instructed given the additional instruction to each more fruits and vegetables. After a 12 month period, all the women had lost weight. The women who had eaten more fruits and vegetables lost more weight and also did not generally feel hungry on any random day. Additional research demonstrated that eating more fiber and water-rich foods aid in maintaining weight loss for as much as six years.


A ‘Soup’-er Idea
You can stave off hunger pains by sipping low-calorie soups. Broth-based soups that are low in sodium are healthier. Pureed, chunky vegetable soups are reported to work best at making one feel full. If you eat your soup right before a meal it will also cut down on the amount of other food you eat. In fact, according to research conducted on 53 overweight adult subjects, you will eat approximately 20 percent less food.

Eat The ‘Whole’ Thing
Another simple tip is to eat whole grains. Various online sources indicate that when you eat a serving of whole grain it sticks with you significantly longer than a serving of refined flour products such as refined wheat bread.

‘Air’ Ya Really Gonna Eat That?
OK, let’s be real for a minute. Your willpower just plain sucks sometimes, right? You know you’re going to surrender to the Dark (chocolate) Side and reach for something you just plain shouldn’t even look at let alone consume. What do you do then?
If you must have a snack attack that you can’t beat back with a piece of fruit or something from a handy vegetable tray, then grab something with more air in it. Go for cheese puffs rather than potato chips or rice cakes (if you enjoy them) instead of cookies. In the end, you will feel just as full but will have taken in fewer calories on average.


It All Counts
A "low-energy density" eating plan will also work. With this plan, you eat larger quantities of foods that have a lower calorie count. This does require, however, that you educate yourself on calorie counting or portion sizes. (Today, though, you could probably Google it and print out a cheat sheet.)

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