Aerobics is a Complete Body Fitness Program

Aerobics is combines aerobic exercise with stretching that enhance or maintain physical fitness and overall health. It helps to improve the fitness of a person by enhancing circulatory and respiratory efficiency that includes vigorous exercises. It is usually performed on music and in a group under the proper supervision of fitness professional. Although it can be done in solo without having musical accompaniment.

Aerobics includes various routines dance –like exercise which are very helpful to enhance growth and development of the body tissue and strengthen the muscles and improve the flexibility and cardio-vascular fitness. They also helps to prevent aging and regular physical exercise boost the immune system of the body which in turns help to prevent diseases of affluence such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and much more

According to fitness level participant can choose their level of participation. A typical aerobic class starts with 5-10 minutes warm up exercise followed by 25 – 30 minutes cardio-vascular exercises and then 10-15 minutes is taken up by muscular strength and conditioning then 5 to 10 minutes cool down exercise and last stretching and flexibility exercise is done for 5 to 8 minutes. Total time for an aerobic class lasts about 30 to 60 minutes.

Step aerobics is also a form of aerobics, developed by Gin Miller in 1989. After her knee injured she consulted with an orthopedic doctor, who prescribe her to strengthen the knee supporting muscles by stepping up and down from a portable platform. As the name indicates in step aerobics, Stepping on the bench  with the right foot and then left foot on the floor  and then stepping first foot back on the floor with the second following.

Kickboxing is based on kicking and punching. It is a general term for a sporting martial art, practiced for self – defense and general fitness. It is quite similar to boxing in this boxer uses the feet as well as hands for striking.

Tae Bo is a complete body fitness program, which became quite popular in 1990 and developed by the American Taekwondo practitioner Billy blanks. It includes martial art techniques like punches and kick

Benefits of Aerobics:

An aerobic exercise includes various sports activity like martial arts, running, walking, cycling, swimming, skiing and some indoor exercises. They have beneficial effect on the body as they help us to lose weight, stimulate the immune system, eliminate the stress and reduce the risk of certain diseases.  It also have positive effect on our mind as they  helps to improve the symptoms of depression and in addition to strengthening heart and lungs, exercise also helps to lower cholesterol level and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

As in the other form of exercises, step aerobics helps to burn calories and fat. The number of calories burned depend many factors such as the speed of the movements, step height, length of exercise, and the person height and weight. Tae Bo is an excellent cardiovascular workout; it is very effective in toning and defining the body musculature.



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