Some Bad Effects Of Skipping Breakfast

cured Some Bad Effects Of Skipping Breakfast

We all would have heard the century old adage that says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of you follow this? In an attempt to cut down the net calorie intake and fulfilling our dream goal of being slim, a major proportion of us has a tendency to skip breakfast. There is no disagreeing that this will yield results, but only temporary ones. So, why is it bad? What are the effects of skipping breakfast? Have you ever give a thought to this? This article would reveal some bad effects of skipping breakfast.

Bad For Your Heart

According to a recent study, men who skip breakfast have about 27% more chances of sustaining a heart attack when compared to those who eat breakfast. However, there is a study that says that eating a healthy breakfast could actually curb the risk of heart attacks. People who avoid breakfast are also known to have an increased susceptibility to hypertension in turn, leading to clogging of arteries. On the other hand, this puts them at an increased risk of developing chronic cardiovascular health conditions, including stroke.

Bottom Line: In a nutshell, one shouldn’t skip the breakfast if  one wants to live a healthy life.

Leads To Weight Gain

Are you  on a weight loss regimen? Are in habit of skipping breakfast? If so, give it a second thought now. According to the studies conducted on the negative impacts of not having breakfast, people who skip the morning meal had higher chances of gaining weight, quite contrary to your slimming goal. You must be scratching your head? Let us explain how. Skipping breakfast boosts the craving for sugary and fatty foods. Moreover, you often get hunger pangs and that will be quite intense, you end up gorging upon whatever you come across during the day. The higher your hunger levels are, the more the quantity of food intake will be.

Bottom Line: A constant practice of missing your first meal of the day will leads you to weight gain and not weight loss.

Negative Impact On Memory & Energy Levels

According to a study and experts, avoiding breakfast can have negative impacts on energy and memory which could lead to memory loss etc. A proper meal boosts your metabolism and your memory, however, missing first meal will make your body fatigue and your body prone to diseases. Apart from bad health, it also might cause bad memory and can makes person more prone to losing memory and other things that are essential.

Bottom Line: Avoiding breakfast could swish down your energy levels and negatively impact your memory.

Higher Risk Of Cancer

Skipping breakfast can make you overindulge in food during the day time. This in turn paves the way for increased prevalence of obesity. According to research that was conducted by Cancer Research UK, it was found out that a person who is overweight or obese has an increased risk of developing cancer.

Bottom Line: Missingyour breakfast could lead you to be affected by cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to not to skip your breakfast.

Affects Cognitive Functioning

Including breakfast in your daily diet regimen bestows you with better cognitive functioning. In the past studies that were conducted on a group of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 15 in two trials. In one of the trials, the group was allowed to have breakfast, and in the second trial the group was asked to refrain from the morning meal. The group on a breakfast regimen, showcased better accuracy in a visual search test, while the other group hampered with the results which shows bad health conditions.

Bottom Line: Inclusion of breakfast gives cognitive function a boost. While the study was conducted on adolescents, it can easily be extended to adults too.

Triggers Migraine Headaches

Hypoglycemia is the medical term used to indicate low levels of blood sugar. Skipping meals trigger a massive dip in sugar levels, in turn, triggering the release of hormones that could compensate for the low glucose levels. This, on the other hand, increases the blood pressure levels, triggering migraines and headaches. The incidence is higher when you skip breakfast, as it is the first meal of the day you are consuming after nearly 12 hours of fasting. So, if you want to keep those headaches away, do ensure that you eat your breakfast.

Bottom Line: Empty on stomach could trigger your migraine and those who don’t have migraine headache might make you a migraine patient.

Triggers Hair Loss

One of the major side effects of skipping breakfast results in hair loss. Yes, a meal that contains dangerously low levels of protein could affect the levels of keratin, averting hair growth and triggering hair loss. Breakfast is the quintessential meal of any day and has a major role in promoting the growth of hair follicles.

Bottom Line: If you wish to enjoy a lush, strong hair with zero hair fall, then you must indulge in a protein-rich breakfast daily.

Could Affect Your Metabolism

Without fuel even your car won’t start? Similarly, you need breakfast to give your metabolism a jump start. It is the first meal of the day you are feeding your body with, after its rest for about 12 hours. According to various studies conducted on the importance of breakfast, people who eat this meal have a higher level of resting metabolism.

Bottom Line: If you want to life a smooth and healthy life, never ever skip your first meal of the day.


After reading this article you must have understood the importance of having breakfast. So, make sure you don’t skip your breakfast in order to live healthy life.


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