Diabetes connections with Heart Disease

cured diabetes connections

Diabetes can sometimes develop the heart disease in a person if it becomes severe. The heart disease can then lead to cardiac arrest in the worst cases and hence it is one disease which cannot and should not be ignored. The persons suffering from Diabetes also carry risk factors similar to that of the patients carrying Heart Disease and hence both are intertwined. While Heart Disease will never transform into diabetes, the vice versa is most likely – the risk factors being cholesterol and high blood pressure. Not only heart disease, the increased blood sugar due to diabetes have the capabilities of making your body a host and increase chances of many diseases such eyesight weakness, dental and gum problems, urologic problems and even lead to Kidney failure.

The only remedy to not let diabetes get evolved into a heart disease is to control the blood sugar early on with a very restrictive diet avoiding as much cholesterol as possible.

What is the connection between Diabetes and Heart Disease?

Patients with Diabetes tend to develop heart ailments way earlier than most other people. It might get developed in the younger age patients as the cholesterol or say blood glucose due to diabetes tend to destroy the blood vessels and nerves that control the blood movement to heart. Any modulation or obstruction in the blood flow through the arteries might result in a stroke or if it becomes completely avoided, it can then lead to a heart attack as well.

Adults with diabetes problem have more chances of developing a heart disease than people without diabetes. Persons with diabetes should focus more on a strict choice of diet in order to prevent another disease enough to put them in a precarious position.

There are some other concerns too in a diabetic patient which increase the chances of heart disease and stroke –

High Blood Pressure – people with Diabetes tend to have High Blood pressure issues and which is not at all good for the Heart. High Blood Pressure means much pressure on Heart to pump more blood and which can result in damaged blood vessels, increased chances of heart attack, stroke, eye problems as well as problems related to Kidney.

Smoking – If the person with diabetes also starts to smoke, he/she is putting themselves into more danger because both blood sugar and the smoke constricts your artery and puts you in an even more precarious situation for Stroke and Heart Attack.

Increasing Cholesterol Level – Increased cholesterol level in the body can lead to the heart disease in the patients already with Diabetes. The improper lifestyle can lead to the formation of more LDL which in turn will clog your blood vessel and lead to cardiac arrest sometimes. There is also another type of fat called triglycerides which can raise the level of heart disease in the human body.

How can you control the chances of Heart Attack while carrying Diabetes?

Patients having diabetes have a high risk of developing heart disease given the reasons listed above in the article. The fact that the cholesterol level is already high in the patients with Diabetes makes them susceptible to getting heart disease. Here is how you can control the risk of Heart disease while carrying Diabetes and the only solution to this is – Manage the ABCs of Diabetes.

Compulsory A1C test – An A1C test is conducted for the patients with Diabetes to check the levels of sugar in the past three months. This test is quite different from that of blood sugar test done daily by the patients daily. The higher the A1C test level, the higher the blood sugar level has been in the past three months and there is a need to clamp down on the level of Blood sugar through diet control.

Control the Blood Pressure – if the blood pressure becomes high, this means that the heart now has more work to do and that is definitely not a good sign for the heart. It can lead to damaged blood vessels, increased chances of heart attack, stroke, eye problems as well as problems related to Kidney.

Proper Medication and Diet control – It is important for people suffering from diabetes to have firm control over their diet. Any loose diet will directly impact the level of cholesterol and blood sugar in the body which will indirectly impact the heart. Medications should be taken in time for maximum impact.

Hence these precautionary measures are must for the patients suffering from Diabetes not only to contain heart disease but also to keep diabetes in check. The other important advice is to regularly visit your doctor and take medications seriously. 

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