Gadgets that keep your Heart Healthy

The heart is the most sophisticated organ in our body and it needs a lot more care than necessary. While the heart beats more than 100,000 times a day, it can feel a lot different if it skipped some of it. while most of the patients with heart problems have a habit of hitting compulsory 30 minutes exercise duty in addition to keeping good diet control, they lack in maintaining a proper round the clock monitor of their heart functionalities. Here are some tech innovations made especially to monitor heart-related issues and which are recommended by Cardiologist and Heart experts –


Sometimes your heart may skip some beats and that in the long run can be dangerous. AliveCor monitor keeps note of the same with its sensor plugs into your smartphone. It then performs an Electrocardiogram (ECG) reading of your heart. With the Application which comes with the monitor, you can store your medications, caffeine and alcohol consumption or sleep and exercise tracks too. As per Dr. Brian C. Kolski, MD, Cardiology at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California, ‘This can be useful in patients who have the arrhythmia, palpitations or those people who want to learn more about their physiology and heart’s electric system’. This monitor, however, is also very easy to use. Price -$74.99


Miofuse is a wearable device on the wrist. It can provide accurate EKG heart rate data without having to wear a chest strap. It also tracks daily steps, pace, distance and calories burnt during all these activities. It can be used by connecting it to your iPhone or Android Phones or synchronize it to your GPS watch or Apps like MapMyRun, Strava or Wahoo. The wearable device has an optical sensor for tracking heart rate while training or exercise. Price - $149.00


To keep the heart healthy and functioning, good and deep sleep patterns are pretty necessary. This device helps in analyzing and improving your sleep pattern with specialized feedback from a device which does not have to be in contact with your skin at any time. it can synchronize with your smartphone or tablet to use the nightly data and formulates feedback on environmental factors and sleep quality. Price -$149.99


This device is wearable at any part of the body, either through a strap band on your hand or can be simply put in the pocket and it still works fine. It can measure your steps, distance and calories burned as well as measure heart rate and sleep parameters. In addition, it can provide data regarding your blood oxygen level as well, which in turn can assess the overall efficiency of your cardiovascular system during and after a workout. Price -$119.95


This weighing machine lookalike device is any less than your nurse who takes your vitals at the first meeting with the doctors. It takes your vitals as well by placing it on your forehead for an instant readout. It can then bring out your default information about heart rate, blood oxygenation as well as track your Blood Pressure. Guess how much time it takes? – well, only 10 seconds. Currently, the device is pending FDA approvals but its origin has the capacity to revolutionize the medical fraternity.


Sometimes when we visit our doctor, our BP tends to show alternative readings as compared to normal times. This is termed as ‘White-coat Hypertension’ where patients become too excited to show readings which are not their normal ones. In that case, BP readings can become handy if done at home and OMRON BP monitor does the same work for you. Omron’s 1o Series upper arm BP monitor was clinically proven to be accurate and has the storage capacity to store 200 such readings. Price -$79.99


Tinke comes in the series of devices which helps us keep our heart healthy and monitor its vitals accurately. It is available for Android/Bluetooth or iPhone devices, plugged into which, it can measure your fitness and stress via heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level by simply putting your thumb on the sensor for 30 to 60 seconds. Your Vita Index takes into account your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and respiratory rate. Price- $129.00





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