Overeating: What are the reasons for it?

Ever wondered that feeling when you go for another piece of cake even when you are completely full? Or the taste of the food keeps you going, that feeling when a second bite may make you satisfied, then yes you are overeating. Sometimes, it may make you feel tempting but at all times it is painful when you realize the impacts it might be having on your health altogether. But the question is, while we know we are overeating, why don’t we do something about it? How can we stop overeating?

Americans, on the contrary, have a history of being overeaters. More than one-third of the American adults are obese and which is the reason for developing obese-related health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease, stroke and some type of cancer. This stat only talks about obese people, now if we add the number of people who are overweight; this might increase up to 70% of the population. This makes America a home for heart-related disease and which remains the biggest killer in the country. The fact that the annual medical cost for obese related disease treatment covers more than $100 Billion tells a tale.

Major Causes of Overeating

The reasons for American Adults being so overweight and obese may vary from person to person but the one common reason may the overconsumption of added sugar in processed foods. The lack of exercise than work as topping for the ice cream. But often, people tend to ignore the habit of overeating simply because they try and justify it to people who respond towards it. It may be varying but often a common pattern can be judged. Here are some possible reasons for overeating:

Eating food that makes you feel hungrier – this might seem unbelievable at first but in actuality, there are foods which can make you feel hungrier at times. If you are eating food with high sugar, carbohydrates, and artificial sweeteners, your blood sugar levels are likely to increase making you feel hungry. To contemplate that you might eat something again with no nutritional value and that is a possible reason for overeating.

Not eating enough regularly – Sometimes we become too conservative when we are told about our overweight and that makes us sad. We start to have diet controls until the time we start to starve literally and which makes us start the complete diet once and for all. Well, the benefit out of it? None. This might make us for the reason of overeating.

Stress – Sometimes, we hear this word all day long and this might be the reason for all the kinds of disease we may have. It is likely that we crave for unhealthier, fatty foods when we feel stressed especially for women. Interestingly people, who are dieting, while in stress, tend to eat more during it.

Hungry but not for food –sometimes we start to feel hungry even if we had some food a while ago. This craving might not be for proper food but we tend to find anything to eat. This can often be accompanied by emotional behavior and or stress. Well, that is when the concept of comfort food comes handy.

Not paying attention to food while eating- well, haven’t we all become busier these days? People don’t even have time for eating properly and tend to work or engage themselves while eating too. Kids love to watch their favorite TV show while eating, and where does it lead us? We eat with no specified content. This is where the first seed of overeating gets reaped.

Increasing Portion sizes – It is a deliberate process that leads to overconsumption and probably overeating. Over the years, the sizes of plates have increased, muffins have grown bigger and carbonated drinks glassed taller leaving us to finish those because we paid for them. And why is this problematic? While we tend to not waste even a single cent, the damage to our body is done.

The Bottom line

Overeating has become a challenging problem in Americans and any nearsighted possibility of constraint looks vague. Such moves to discourage these habits must be taken if we want a healthy America and to change the course of funds to other progressive causes.



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