Morning Walk: Some Amazing benefits of it

cured Morning Walk

We might love to sleep late into the mornings but it is applicable to all that we miss waking up early in the morning. It is even more pleasurable to take a morning trawl down the garden lanes and which can make our day even more happening. A 30 minute morning walk can smoothen our morning, enliven our days and bring lightness into the life. A deficiency of morning walk can make our body host to all lifestyle-related diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Heart ailments etc. A morning walk can even be helpful for our knee joints, heart and the morning air can give our lungs some freshness amid black smoky evenings. And what would so many benefits cost you? Well, you will just need to get up and get going with no added value and cost to it!

Why should we go for a morning walk?

In the ancient texts, it is mentioned that the mornings have that superficial energy quantum which can magnify the happiness we find in our lives. Well, the theories are yet to be proved but the fact is that the morning air contains more freshness because it contains fewer pollutants in it, an abundance of oxygen along with other important natural gases. Now fresh oxygen helps liberate our lungs and rejuvenates it and helps in proper functioning of our body. Now when the lungs and heart perform brilliantly, the chances of us getting any other disease gets diminished.

Also, the morning air has the richness of negative ions and oxygen is negatively charged. So more the negatively charged ions, more is the oxygen. And thus it gets better for us to breathe it. The better quality of oxygen then helps us get rejuvenated and feel fresher at times. This negative ions presence is due to the availability of water vapor in the air and containment of more oxygen hence. This is why we feel more liberated and fresh when we visit a lake or forest or some mountainsides where the negatively charged ion presence is more. It is therefore advised by everyone, including our doctors that morning walk is important and we must make a habit of it.

You don’t have to have a lot of things to start the morning walk. All you need to have is –a pair of shoes, shorts or lower, a sipper and Fit band if you want to keep track of your heartbeat, steps taken and other cardiovascular activities. Now here are some of the amazing benefits of a daily morning walk –

Diabetes control

Your doctor might have advised you to start the morning walk if you are diabetic or have a family history of it. Even if you haven’t started, make this habit as soon as possible. Diabetes has grappled the world in this lifestyle changing era but you can take his metabolic disorder if you walk in the mornings. As per a research, a 30-minute walk down in the garden can help reduce the blood sugar as well as aid the management of insulin in Type 2 diabetes. It allows the cells in the muscles to use up more glucose, helps to burn the fat and aids in improving Body Mass Index (BMI).

Helps in Weight loss

More than 50 percent Americans face an increased obese activity and hence morning walks can help a great deal. The younger generations have completely abandoned morning walks and hence the need of the hour is to start it immediately. If you take brisk walks for sometimes and you can check the impacts immediately. Researchers have also conducted walking experiments on obese patients and found that walking can aid weight loss by reducing overall body fat and improving flexibility and muscle strength.

Prevents Arthritis and Osteoporosis

Modern lifestyle coupled with adulterated food materials have left people with more illness than benefits including Arthritis and Osteoporosis. Recent studies suggest that moderate and vigorous physical activities such as walking and running can help keep these diseases at bay for us.

Some of the other benefits of morning walk include – Preventing Stroke and Heart attack, controlling cholesterol, protecting against Atherosclerosis, relieving depression, fighting and protecting from cancer as well as enhancing brain functions.


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