Itchy Forehead: What, Why and How?

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How often do we find irresistible itchiness on our forehead when we can’t even manage to take our hands off of there? Do you find soreness and rashes on your forehead too? If yes, then you are having a sure shot symptom of Itchy Forehead. More often than not, an itchy forehead is not an indication of a serious health condition but this should not be overlooked at that point.

This can sometimes become very unhealthy and annoying for anyone else too. The causes of Itchy Forehead can range from an allergic reaction to eczema to contact dermatitis, dandruff as well as acne. More often than not, some cosmetic products may also trigger the Itchy Forehead symptom due to an allergen. Some other causes may also include sunburns, stress, and pregnancy. The symptoms also include burning, dryness, redness, scaling and itching etc. here are some of the reasons that might cause the Itchy Forehead symptom.

Reasons for Itchy Forehead

There can be many reasons for an Itchy Forehead but sometimes more causes do not get diagnosed than those ones who get caught. Here are some of the causes of the Itchy Forehead –

Skin Conditions

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An itchy forehead can be a reflection of allergy that the body is facing due to some reasons. Some skin conditions such as eczema and contact dermatitis can also help trigger such conditions leading to Itchy Forehead. Seborrheic Dermatitis is one of the other skin conditions that can cause scaly and red patches of skin, particularly on the skin. This is most commonly known as dandruff. The red patches not only occur on the forehead or scalp but also on the other parts of the body like face, chest, and back. These skin conditions can also cause forehead itching.

Hair and Skin Care Products

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There are some of the hair and skin care products which do not set on our skin as they should. Instead, they create concussion and skin irritation resulting in the Itchy forehead. Some other irritants also include soaps, facial creams, hair styling gels and some shampoos. Sometimes we take too much time to act before it all restarts and that has an impact on our foreheads also. Hence, we must take care of that fore itchy free forehead.

Headgear, Scarfs, and Headwear

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There are some people who like to wear some sort of Headgears while some have religious obligations to do so. Often women in Asiatic countries wear head scarfs for religious purposes. This may lead to the itchy forehead. Some bikers who wear helmets often complain of the itchy forehead. This happens because the dirt, heat, and sweat are at all times in contact with the skin of the forehead. Covering the head often escalates the problem as well as an increase in the irritation of the skin. This can lead to the itchy forehead.


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Acne is often one of the major problems leading to the itchy forehead. It a common kind of skin disease that occurs both in adults and in children. Oily skin, clogged pores or an infection can give rise to acne and it can thus impact the forehead, cheek or any other part of the face. Sometimes acne can give rise to vigorous itching that can transform to red skin and rashes as well.


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This is a common phenomenon that occurs to the natives of countries getting more sunlight. Due to harsh sun rays and the dangerous Ultraviolet (UV) rays, a red spot with itchiness may occur. The head is at all times in direct contact with the sunlight and often sunburns occur on the head leading to Itchy Forehead which is a problem to be dealt with immediately.

Symptoms of Itchy Forehead

Some of the most common symptoms of an Itchy Forehead include – Burning or stinging or irritating sensation, dryness, inflammation in the skin, scaling, Itchiness, Redness, small blisters or soreness, reddish rings and sometimes fever also. These are some of the major symptoms that occur during the Itchy Forehead symptom.

Remedies and Treatment of Itchy Forehead

If you feeling a soreness or any of the symptoms written above, follow some of the simple tricks to get rid of the itchiness as soon as possible. Here are the treatment and remedies of Itchy Forehead –

-          Wash the place of irritation with cold water. You may also use ice to wash that place.

-          One should avoid sharing personal items such as combs, hairbrushes which can transfer the itchiness too.

-          Use an effective sunscreen protection and lotion

-          Try some home remedies. Do not rush to tablets and medicines.


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