Oils that Help in Healing Scars Naturally

How often do you get a cut or bruise on your different body parts? Its quite a natural process and can occur to everyone. The most annoying part of this bruising is that some of them take shape of the scar and remain on the body like forever and does not go off easily. Scars formed after deep or moderate cut can remain for some time or for a lifetime depending on the place of cut as well as the type of treatment given to it thereafter. When we go to the doctor, they might offer you some medication for that but remember that most of the medications do contain steroidal tendencies and do not have the kind of impact it should have on the scar at all times. Hence, it is highly advised that the patient take natural remedies for the cure of such scars if one wants to look tidy at all times.

The natural methods include the use of some oils to treat the place of burn or scar in order to completely heal them permanently. You can try oils such as Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil, Helichrysum Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Mustard Seed oil as well as Rosehip oil. coconut oil mixed with lemon juice is highly effective for burn scars. The oils such as olive and mustard have good moisturization and regeneration properties and are helpful in healing many scars. In fact, people should consider trying natural means only in place of commercial ones to get more accurate help in the conditions. Let us look at the natural oil one by one for more insightful information –

Lavender Oil

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Lavender Oil is produced from Lavender is highly effective for the scar as it is extremely soothing and heals scars effectively. It is a greater source of cell regeneration if applied properly over the fresh wounds. You should apply few drops of Lavender oil in water in order to heal the scar properly at the early stage only. You should apply diluted oil for some days for observable results.

Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has been used as an antioxidant and healing agent for ages now by the medical practitioners for Ayurveda. This is easily available and highly effective for all kinds of usage mentioned for scar removal. For healing the scars left after burn wounds, you should consider applying a mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil each day to lighten them. Vitamin E present in the Coconut oil is a great healer and burn wounds can be easily healed by the help of coconut oil.

Helichrysum Oil

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This highly important oil is obtained from the Plant Helichrysum Italicum and which is highly effective for every kind of scar found on the body. It has the magical properties of healing scars obtained after injuries or surgeries, old or new. Just a 1% dilution in a carrier base is quite sufficient to see its result over the scar.

Carrot Seed Oil

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Carrot seeds are very tiny and for its observation, you might need very speculating eyes. They contain oil which is highly effective in treating the scars and blemishes obtained after cut or bruise or due to burn. It helps the skin to get moisturized easily while treating the fine lines, stretch marks and other skin damages easily. Before applying carrot seed oil, you must not forget to dilute it with a carrier.

Olive Oil

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Olive Oil is often used as an excellent signage of moisture retention and has been used for ages by the Beauty experts and Ayurvedic doctors for moisture retention. It helps in removing the dead skin cells from a major portion of the scar and then softens it to heal it completely over time. It must be applied to the skin for several days to get a good result. As much as possible, you should consider using extra virgin olive oil to see more clear results.

These oils mentioned above have greater effects if applied to the scar regularly and with proper care at all times. It must also be mentioned that sometimes, you might have to take help of a carrier or most of the time make it dilute before applying on the scar to get better results.



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