4 Yoga Asanas for Getting Great Body Postures

cured Yoga Asanas for Body Postures

Modern Lifestyle has led to flattening of belly muscles to the straightening of backbones giving the person hard time in completing the daily chores as well. Long-term couching and office manuals have put them back to a heavy pressure of work these days thereby echoing the need to feel them relax. This, however, has also given rise to posture-related changes in the body or often leading to disc injury or abdomen tightening as well. As per Dr. Erica Meloe who is the Director of Velocity Physiotherapy in NYC, ‘The compressive nature of prolonged slouching may cause tightness in the front of your abdomen and could lead to a disc injury as well’. All these issues have defined the impact on the neck, blood circulation, and other chronic syndromes. Often when we are slumped, the air intake becomes thin and hence there are some Yoga Asanas which can help in keeping the body posture intact. Check it out –

Clasped Hands Locust

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This is a very good exercise for the back and belly fat removal. You need to be cautious of any tear in the calf muscles as well as in the back. To complete the Yoga asana, you must lie face down on the floor with your legs extended and arms by your side. Now, slowly inhale while raising the head to look forward as if you are trying to look at a wall hanging in front of you. While exhaling, lift your chest and legs off the floor with both the hands clasped and the arms extended. Now, hold your breath and using the abs, try to lift the body while expanding the chest. Keep this posture for at least 20 seconds and do this for at least 3-4 times to get the demanded posture.

Low Lunge with Twist

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Do you feel pain in your hips and back position? The following Yoga Asana has been specifically made for you. To complete the asanas, you should kneel with the left foot first while the knee bent at right angles and the right knee should be behind. Now place your hands on both sides of the left food and exhale while also twisting the upper body to the left and reaching out the left hand also the side in order to grab the right foot. You must hold on to this position for some time while also breathing in and out. Now try the same with the right foot this time and hold on to it for some time now.

Rolling Twist

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This Yoga asanas have also been carefully designed for the back bending and straightening. To complete the asanas, you must lie face down with your legs having extended outwards while the palms being down. Now try and roll your right with your left knee bent simultaneously. Now bring the left hand towards the body and clasp the right hand keeping the arms straight. Hold on to this position for a while moving on to do the same thing with the other hand.

Humble Warrior Pose

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A warrior is always fit and craves to lead the pack always. To attain a fitness like that of the warrior, it is a must that this pose is done in a clearer view. To start the asanas, bring the right foot forward while the right knee is bent. Now keep your left foot pointing slightly to the left also. Now, inhale while also bringing the arms overhead and while exhaling straighten the right leg. Complete the exercise.










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