Causes of Lung Cancer for the Non-Smokers

cured Cancer for the Non-Smokers

Smoking can be one of the major reasons for getting the stupendous Lung cancer for which there has been less development of cure in the World. But it has been equally found to affect those people too who have no habit of smoking or had any such history. Ironically, Lung cancer has always been associated with smoking and people feel afraid as to why they were not spared as they did everything right. More than 20% of the lung cancer develops in the non-smokers making them a big number. As per Dr. Vincent Lam, the non-smokers getting lung cancer look much younger than those who smoke and women are highly likely to get this disease than men. Even the tumors are pretty distinct in the two cases and have different genetic mutations too. For the people who have never smoked, the mutations can also be easily targeted. So, here are some of the reasons why the Non-Smokers too get to have the Lung Cancer despite doing everything correctly –


This is believed to be one of the major reasons for lung cancer after the cause of smoking as stated by Environmental Protection Agency. The Radon gas is a byproduct of Uranium and gets formed in the air due to pollution. The biggest problem occurs when this naturally occurring radioactive gas gets trapped in the air due to less velocity of air and becomes concentrated. This impacts the lungs directly. Some of the experts suggest that all homes be tested with a kit to identify the gas and its source to scrape down its impact.

Smoke and Pollutants

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Passive smoke or better known as Secondhand smoke is one of the biggest reasons for occurring of lung cancer these days. More than 15% to 35% of the patients are diagnosed with such type of cancer. The passive smoke can be determined by two different types such as Side stream smoke which is more toxic when the person sitting next to a smoking person gets the smoke directly from the cigarette cigar inside him. The other type, Mainstream smoke, is when the person inhales the exhaled smoke from the smoker’s mouth. There has been considerable improvement in realizing this and the cases have also lessened since.


It can be referred as the minerals found the building materials as well as car parts and ships. The fine dust particles, as well as the scrap materials used in it, is much more toxic than most the air particles directly impacting our body structure. If you work in a high-risk industry such as construction or the job involving the removal of asbestos, then you are most likely to get this disease anyhow.

Air Pollution

Many of the international cities such as Tokyo, Beijing, and Delhi have high levels of air pollution thereby causing the lung cancer there. The pollutants arising from vehicle exhausts, power plants, wood stoves and other sources contain tiny particles that can directly impact our lungs too. As far as the United States is concerned, the Clean Air Act has been really helpful in reducing the atmospheric air pollution thereby also reducing the number of patients having lung cancer due to this problem.

Radiation Treatment

People who are currently undergoing the radiation treatment, probably for removal of another type of cancerous tumor are most likely to get this kind of disease as well. It is a higher risk of causing cancer if the patient has never smoked before.

 “Women who’ve had previous radiation for breast cancer or younger patients who’ve had Hodgkin's lymphoma with chest radiation—that does increase your risk for lung cancer, but that’s not common,” says Dr. Lam.


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