Honey Bush Tea - A Proven Powerhouse of Benefits

Honeybush tea can be rightly called for as the best ingredient to take at any time of the day. Not only it serves the function of bringing refreshment in mind, it brings a host of benefits as well. It is rich in antioxidant contents while being low in tannins and caffeine which is harmful to our health. It can be taken as a herbal drink not only to treat influenza, catarrh or Pulmonic Tuberculosis but to also help in curing menopausal and sunburn problems. Apart from this, its use is excellent in preventing cold and cough while being helpful in curing diabetes also. Its impacts also include antitumor and antimutagenic effects also. It is also good for skin also. It has slowly become popular in alternative medicine and largely produced in South Africa. It can be distinguished from its large size and yellow and reddish-brown flowers and the plant makes a honey-flavored tea.

The tea, being low in tannin and caffeine content means no impact on the nervous system like other regular tea and coffee. Some of the benefits of Honey Bush Tea include:

Fights and Prevents Cold and Cough

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Honey Bush tea contains some antiviral and antibacterial properties which are helpful in improving the immune system and cures a cold and cough on a regular basis. It modulates the immune system and protects it from oxidative stress as well and thus cures any sort of bronchial symptoms thereby curing a cold and cough. As per a research, this impact comes from Pinitol, a modified form of sugar found in honeybush tea.

Cures Diabetes and Menopausal Symptoms

The modified form of sugar found in honeybush tea called Pinitol has also been studied for its blood-sugar-lowering property. Some of the lab reports for its testing has confirmed the insulin-like effects of Pinitol while being effective against glycemic problems. It is being seriously considered as a drug for curing diabetes. Apart from this, it contains antioxidants like isoflavones and coumestans which are also phytoestrogens used in the treatment of menopausal symptoms.

Ability to Prevent Cancer and Prevents Skin Damage

Honeybush tea consumption can also be beneficial for their impacts on cancer-preventing agents too. Some research has also suggested that it contains an effective tumoricidal which is a substance capable of destroying tumor cells. It prevents mutation which happens in the cancer cells thereby proving its effectiveness of the antimutagenic activity of honeybush tea. The extracts from honeybush have also found to be protective of skin damage caused by the UV B rays thereby protecting against any sort of sunburn and others. It protects the skin through modulation of induced oxidative damage, inflammation and cell proliferation. It also cures some skin symptoms like erythema, hardening, and peeling of the skin, edema etc.

Procedure to Make Honey Bush Tea

Honeybush can be consumed regularly with milk and sugar like all other teas. But if you want to taste the real flavor of honeybush tea, do not add milk to it. It is more beneficial if not consumed with milk and instead add honey into it to bring out the honey-like taste in it. Its infusion can also be used to make iced tea which tastes extraordinary.




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