Some Yoga Asanas for a Healthier You Everyday

Corrupt Medicine practices, an altercation in medication and Side effects have now shifted people towards naturopathically treatments such as Yoga Asanas. While they might not prove to be a short-term relief provider, they are really powerful as far as long-term practice is concerned. Originated in Indian Himalayan regions, Yoga has quickly become a go-to event throughout the world. Despite having a greater impact on the body, it has no such side-effects to be worried about. Yoga asanas have developed into a thousand forms to relax each part and nerve of the body. Performing those are also easier with the trained help. Here are some of the Yoga Asanas which must be done on a regular basis to attain maximum health benefits –

Utkatasana (Chair Position)

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Mostly this asana is called Chair Pose which is actually a refreshing and relaxing pose to start Yoga Asanas with. In the US, it is often also called Thunderbolt, Fierce Pose or Awkward pose to start with. Through this simple posture, enough heat can be generated for the body and helps the body to stay still and positive at all times with a little time spent in it.

How to Complete This Yoga Asana?

To complete this asana, you should stand erect with both the feet slightly apart from each other. Now stretch your both hands in front in a straight way with the palms facing downwards. Your elbows must be straight for better posture. Now bend your knees and gently push your pelvis as further down till you imagine yourself sitting on a chair. Hold on to this pose for at least a minute then lift yourself up. Try to attain more such postures in at least 3-5 sets. You must be aware that your spine is straight while completing this pose.

Parivrtta Utkatasana (Revolved Chair Position)

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It is recommended to complete the Utkatasana in a revolved manner termed as Privrtta Utkatasana where the legs revolve around the hips a little-giving twist to the lower hip and pelvis. They have a squeeze and release effect on the digestive tracts as well while also promoting detoxification. To complete this yoga Asana, you just need to turn your shoulders where you were during the Utkatasana while twisting your knees and lifting your arms up over your head. Keep your hands in front of yourself in the folded position and slowly turn it in the opposite direction of the feet giving a twisting motion.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Position)

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This is a great posture for the entire body as every organ is connected in this Yoga Asanas. It’s some great asanas if you want to wake the entire pore of your body and make a great start in the day. This asana is awesome for your back, lower thigh, shoulder, abs workout and especially the neck region. So, want to know about completing this asana?

How to complete this Yoga Asana?

To complete this asana, you must first start in the Table pose where your knees need to under your hips and palms aligned with the shoulders also. Now move your hands forward ahead of your shoulder. Now, align yourself on the mat and try to slowly lift your back to make it look downward. Face on the mat to complete the asanas. At least try to complete at least 2-3 sets for better results. 


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