Medical Tourism- The Growing Face of Healthcare Industry!

Medical Tourism, which is known widely by many other commonly used names such as health tourism, medical travel or global healthcare, is becoming increasingly popular trend over the years. It is basically a term used to describe the practice of travelling across countries for the purpose of seeking healthcare services. The most typically used services sought by the travelling patients include elective procedures as well as complex surgeries.

It is estimated that thousands of US residents travel overseas for healthcare every year. There are several reasons for the ever-growing popularity of this healthcare trend. Some people seek healthcare overseas because treatment in another country is cheaper as compared to that in their own country. Many people who are immigrants to US prefer to return back to their home country for medical care. While others travel in order to receive a therapy or procedure not available in their own country. Cosmetic surgery, heart surgery and dentistry are some most common treatments that people seek on medical tourism trips.


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Let’s assume a situation- you are unwell and a certain medical treatment is required. You know that the cost of your treatment is too much and the medical insurance you bought last year is not going to cover much. You will be required to pay out of your hard-earned savings. Now you realize that this treatment will leave you with nothing to pay for your car loan, home loan or even your utility bills. What would you do now? In this scenario, going to another country where you can receive the same high-quality medical care for just a fraction of the cost would make a huge difference. The most basic motivation behind medical tourism lies undoubtedly in savings. Just compare the cost of a particular surgery in US to that in some other Asian country. Isn’t some incredible savings even after you have paid for your travel expense, stay and vacation.

Quality of healthcare

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When it comes to the healthcare sector, there are two major components of the service quality- mechanical or technical quality and functional or serviceable quality. The technical quality is measured at the core of the diagnostic algorithm of the patient. On the other hand, the functional quality is a measure of the service offered in the healthcare centers such as the services of nurses, staffs and the doctors towards the patient. In medical tourism, the quality of service is a crucial part in attracting the customers.

Travel opportunities

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Though the primary motivation behind medical tourism is definitely affordable surgery, the opportunity to visit exotic destinations is an additional attraction towards the trend. While some of the medical tourists spend a few days sightseeing before the treatment, others enjoy the same while recovering.

Wrapping up:

Through medical tourism, the patients who struggle to afford the right treatment or find the one at their own country head overseas. The rate at which the trend is booming, we can definitely say that the medical tourism, is indeed a growing face of healthcare industry.

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