Best Vitamin A Rich Foods for a Healthy You Everyday

Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrient to be taken for body. It is a fat-soluble vitamin which is particularly associated with good vision, healthy and flexible tissues, teeth, skin and mucous membranes. While having this productive usage, it also keeps the immune system intact while also keeping healthy the heart, kidney and lungs. It can be taken as food supplement as well as processed food containing ample Vitamin A. it is also highly available in the form of Provitamin A carotenoids available from meat, fish oils, eggs and some of the dairy products. It can be also be available for vegans in the form of Pro-vitamin A carotenoids and especially beta-carotene.

So, if you are trying to increase the intake of Vitamin A consumption, there are a variety of food products available in the market as well as can be made at home too which are helpful in many ways. They all contain a high level of nutrition and must always be taken with the help of a dietician.

What is the recommended Intake of Vitamin A for Various gender and age groups?

The consumption of Vitamin A can vary accordingly for different gender and age group or whether the person is pregnant or nursing. The recommended use of Vitamin A is measured in mcg of retinol equivalents (RAE).

  • For Males, the recommended usage should have 900mcg RAE while the Female adults should consume not less than 700mcg RAE.
  • For pregnant women, the regular intake should be 770mcg RAE and 1300mcg RAE if they are also lactating. The recommended intake for teen moms should be around 750mcg RAE.

Let us find out the food products which are high in Vitamin A Content –

Liver Products and Beef

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Liver Products are an excellent source of Vitamin A as a single slice of it (81gm) can provide nearly 6273mcg RAE which is way too more than the recommended use. You can always have a lamb liver on your plate which will make it look more appealing always. A similar portion of lamb liver will contain nearly 6615mcg RAE of Vitamin A., but overconsumption of Vitamin A can be really fatigue full for the body which is getting enough of it in a single bite. So, try eating lamb liver or beef liver once in a week of fortnight according to the demands of your body.

Sweet Potato

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Another excellent source of Vitamin A for the body is a Sweet potato. It has potentially excellent quantity of Vitamin A as compared to other food products. Also, it gives vegans a proper diet full of nutrients as well as the high dosage of it. 1 whole baked in skin Sweet Potato will nearly have 1400 mcg RAE which is 561% of your DV. A half cup of boiled sweet potato, on the other hand, will have around 13000mcg RAE of Vitamin A. you can also try them by roasting them with olive oil and herbs.


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Another powerhouse resource for Vitamin A is Spinach and this can also be consumed by vegans. It is one product readily available in the vegetable market and you have plenty of options to cook it in various possible ways. It can also work well in salads too while it can also be made smoothies and fresh vegetable juice as well. A half cup of boiled Spinach contains 573mcg RAE of Vitamin A which is 229% of your DV. This consumption level is excellent and can be used in a limited way for that.


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Vegans have plenty of options as far as the nutrition addition of Vitamin A is concerned. Carrots are another source of Vitamin A through the Beta-carotene. The distinctive vibrant orange color of the vegetable owes its color to the nutrient. A half cup of raw carrot can give around 184% of the Vitamin A requirement for our body with 459mcg RAE. It can always be consumed by making a salad or a carrot juice or cooked carrot in the vegetable.

Dairy Products

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Milk and milk products are a regular source of Vitamin A for our body and can be consumed with ease. Having a plain cup of milk before sleep or in breakfast with some cereal can have added benefits like none other. The Vitamin A content for various dairy products are as follows:

  • Ricotta cheese, from skim milk (1 cup): 263 mcg RAE (19% DV)
  • Soft serve ice cream (1 cup): 278 mcg RAE (20% DV)
  • Skim milk (1 cup): 149 mcg RAE (10% DV)
  • Whole fat milk (1 cup): 112 mcg RAE (7%)




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