Teach Your Child Some Amazing Yoga For Kids Poses

These days, being a kid is not easy. You would agree on this. Tones of school-related activities, never-ending homework, assignments and don’t know what else. There is little to no time left for kids to play. Some Yoga for Kids poses are super easy for children and can help them to deal with such high-pressure environment they live in.

You never know how much distractions, stimulation, academic and peer pressure your child is facing and that too so early in life. Apart from these, they are also tortured by their own fears and insecurities. In such a scenario, yoga is one best thing that infuses confidence and energy into the personalities of children.

Bow Pose

Make your kid lie on his/her tummy and bend his knees. Now lift the chest of your kid and make him reach his arms back towards the toe and hold onto his feet.

Butterfly Pose

Let your child sit on the floor and place the soles of his feet together. Make him hold on to his feet or ankles, and let his knees drop toward the floor. He must sit up with a tall spine. Now make him imagine that he is a butterfly with beautiful little wings stretching out from his spine and with long antennae reaching out from his head. You can also make a butterfly painting and hang it from the ceiling to make it easier for the child to imagine.

Bridge Pose

To practice this pose, your child needs to lie on his back with his knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Now make his arms rest down alongside his body, tuck his chin into his chest, and make him lift up his buttocks and back in order to create a bridge.

Light Rest Pose

Make your child lie down on his back in a comfortable position and ask him to take a deep breath in and out slowly. Make him wiggle his feet, arms, and head and then let him rest while breathing quietly. Now, ask him to imagine as if a warm glow is filling him up, beginning at the feet and filling up the legs. Make him imagine that the light is spreading into his belly and back. Let him feel the light fill up his hands, shoulder,  arms, neck, and head. Now, as your kid lie very still, ask him to imagine that he is a little star or a planet floating in free space. When he is ready to sit up, let him come up slowly.

Chair Pose

Make your kid stand tall like a mountain with his feet hip-width apart, knees bent and ask him to hop just like a Kangaroo.

Wrapping up:

Introducing your kids to yoga at an early age makes them adopt a healthy lifestyle and sets the foundation for a healthy and fit future. So, get your kid practice these easy Yoga for kid poses starting from today itself.

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