Know Awesome Benefits of Sunflower Oil for Skin

Sunflower oil can be a great nourishing oil to make your skin look brighter. It is widely used as a base oil for massages and carrier for essential oils. This oil contains linoleic acid and Vitamin E content which acts as a protective barrier to prevent loss of moisture while keeping the skin hydrated. While having this awesome function it can also help people with atopic dermatitis. It can help fight acne, aging, and suntans too. So, what makes sunflower oil so powerful? Let us check out –

How can Sunflower oil be essential to the skin?

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Sunflower can be a healthy addition to your daily skin care treatment. It can be heavily reliable for long-term skin protection through the essential nutrients it carries. It can keep the skin moisturized while also improving the skin’s fighting capabilities. Sunflower oil can also be helpful in treating acne and brightening the skin as well. Besides all these abilities, it can be a valuable help in treating people with atopic dermatitis. Still skeptic of its use? This natural and energizing oil should be on the list for highly usable oils for the skin. Check out the benefits of applying the sunflower oil to the skin in complete details –

Moisturizing skin through Sunflower Oil

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This is one of the properties essential for people who suffer from dry and rough skin symptoms. It can have the soothing impact on the skin as it improves the hydration by forming a protective layer on the skin. Through the emollient, it stops the escaping moisture from the skin. One of the studies on sunflower oil’s protective emollient suggests that it works well for hydrating the skin while olive oil reduces the skin integrity while having reddening effect also. Emollients work best when your skin is damp, so dampen your skin and apply a little sunflower oil for beautifully hydrated skin.

Improves the Skin Protection Mechanism

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Sunflower oil has that unique ability to increase the protective mechanism of the skin. You must apply some oil right after bathing when the skin is damp or can add some drops of it to the water before bathing. The skin’s barrier function from outside germs can become excellent with its help. One study looked at the effect of applying sunflower oil on the skin of preterm babies. It was found that treatment with sunflower oil decreased infection and resulted in a 26% reduction in mortality rates.

Acts as an anti-aging lotion

Sunlight and the accompanying UV Rays act importantly in the aging process of the person. These skin changes lead to aging processes which are faster to normal aging process. But the Vitamin E present in sunflower oil prevents the skin from damaging effects of sun exposure. It can also help it maintain moisture and speed up the growth of new skin. So, for younger looking skin, dab on a little sunflower oil.

Sunflower Oil helps treat Acne

The sunflower oil also helps in getting rid of acne also. Acnes are the dead skin cells formed on the skin due to the low levels of linoleic acid causing hyperkeratinization. This happens with the increase of keratin leading to clogged skin pores and pimples. One study found that applying linoleic reduced the size of plugged pores or microcomedones by almost 25% in a month. So by applying sunflower oil, you may be able to stop micro comedones in your skin from turning into whiteheads or blackheads.

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