How to make a Green Fitness Plan

The word green automatically implies respect for the environment, or at least proximity to nature. So we all have a rough picture in our minds of what green fitness is.It’s all about getting out into nature to improve your health, that is doing something positive for the environment and improving your health, means you’re getting twice the benefit in half the time.

In today’s busy schedule most of the people are unable to go to gym for a regular four-hour sessions. Here comes the concept of green fitness and green gym. The principles of the Green gym are easily applied in your own home. Consider planting a vegie patch in your garden or go for a jog in your local park or botanic gardens. To achieve the full Green Gym experience, get your family involved with the gardening and jog with a group of friends.

From the below statements we can understand the benefits of green gym over an indoor gym:

- Running outdoors can burn up to 5% more calories than running at the same speed and incline on a standard treadmill.

- After exercising outdoors, 90% of people have improved levels of self-esteem

- Children who live near green spaces, or regularly play in parks, on beaches, or near other nature spaces show no signs of depression or moodiness

The below steps will help to keep yourself fit using a green gym:         

The warm up

When warming up, take the opportunity to really focus on activating the different muscles you’ll be using throughout your workout.

The work out

Now you’re ready to get going and use the world as your gym so lace up your shoes, head straight out the door and see how adventurous workouts you can make.


Start with working on your cardio, Sprint up the hill as fast as you can. Tighten your buns by walking your way uphill, then jogging back to the bottom and repeating until your legs are shaking with workout goodness. Remember to push off your toes and lift those heels, so you don’t fall over! Walk back to the bottom and start again.


Get your heart rate through the roof by taking the stairs two at a time, as fast as you can until you reach the top. Make your way back down a little more slowly and start over. Aim for at least 10 climbs all up.




Work on your general fitness and clear your mind with a nice, long, slow jog.

Work on your speed off the mark with up-and-backs. Find two trees about 10-20 meters apart. Sprint forwards as fast as you can from the first tree to the second one, then reverse the sprint, pushing off your toes as you run backwards to the first tree again. Repeat 5-6 times, rest for 30 seconds and then go again! 4-5 sets of these will help you earn your carbs!



For a simple, easy, mind-freeing meditation, wrap up your fitness session by finding a friendly tree to sit or lie under and take 5-10 minutes to sit quietly, breathe slowly and imagine pure energy and light flowing out of the tree and into your body. As you breathe out, visualize energy flowing from your body back into the tree. Repeat!




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