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Breakfast For Pregnant Women: Best Food Items To Eat

  When you're pregnant, your body needs more calories and nutrients to accommodate the growing fetus. Without the right nutrition from balanced meals, you may experience fatigue or morning sickness. The good news is that eating during pregnancy...


Simple And Healthy Lunch Ideas For Your Daily Diet

  The working days are busier than ever, and it is common to find people with a hectic schedule. People have less time for themselves and, more importantly, their meals. The lunch hour goes by fast, and you are back in the office in no time. Bu...


6 Easy Recipes To Make Healthy Snacks For Kids At School 

  Healthy food choices for kids are profitable future investments for healthy growth. Parents are always concerned about their child's diet and whether they receive nutritious food at school or not. While school lunches are getting better, maki...


The Benefits Of Different Kinds Of Minerals In Food

  Introduction We eat food to absorb the nutrients present in it, which in turn help our body to grow and survive. One category of the nutrients present in food includes minerals. They are essential for the growth of the body and can lead to s...


Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie: Importance Of Butter & Eggs

  The basic ingredients and techniques for traditional chocolate chip cookies lie in the same formula. Butter, brown sugar, and creamed butter are combined just until butter appears, eggs are added one by one, the flour is added one by one, and...


6 Healthy And Easy Diabetic Dinner Recipes That You Can Try

  When you have a chronic illness like diabetes, meal planning takes on a new meaning. In particular, portion control and carb counting are critical to remember if you want to lose weight and lower your A1C (average blood sugar level over two t...


Healthy Food For Breakfast - Best Meal Ideas You Should Follow

What exactly counts as healthy food for breakfast? Is it essential to have breakfast? What benefits can be derived from having something healthy in the morning? These are some of the common questions that pop to mind whenever we think about breakfast...


Celebrating National Food Day In US - History, Purpose, And More

National Food Day in US is celebrated every year on October 24. The celebration first started in 1975 by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), intending to create an event very similar to the likes of Earth Day. Food Day in US was als...


World Food Day 2021 - A Taste Of What To Expect On This Day

Have you ever thought about where we would be if there were no food? Well, we would be at every possible grocery store, restaurant, or cafe looking for it. In fact, we wouldn’t survive for too long because we need food to live. Food is a basic ...


National Health Education Week 2021- Celebrate From October 18 To 22

Everyone wants to live a healthier life but isn’t aware of how to go about it. This is where health education comes into the picture. Over the years, it has been observed that people with strong health education experience fewer chronic illness...