Jet, Set, Go With These Tips To Cure Jet Lag

Those long flights can be really tiring and the worse is the aftereffects of it. When you travel around the time zones you face fatigue which is also known as the Jet lag. It is a very common issue and may cause a week of body pain and tiredness.

It usually occurs due to the change in sleeping and waking up patterns. You may feel a little tipsy, irritated and very tired for a few days.  Whenever you travel from one pole to the other it causes more affect on your body. Usually, the elder people face this a lot and the kids can get over it very easily. However, according to a study when you travel east from the west this cycle gets disrupted more and North to South travel is more hectic. 

Whenever we travel one or two time zones our body adjusts a little bit when we travel a little more to three or more time zones our body rhythm gets heavily affected. Also, the north and south have different seasons and our body gets abruptly disturbed. Adjusting to the night and daylight is still easy but figuring out the changes in the climatic changes is quite difficult and this adds more to the misery.

The common symptoms of Jet lag are:

  • One may have difficulty sleeping and be insomniac for quite a few days and the body becomes lethargic. One always feel tired due to the sudden change in sleeping pattern.

  • You may experience a heavy headache during this tenure.

  • Since your body aches heavily and you feel tired there are chances of you being constantly irritated and confused. It’s more like a hangover. 

  • When your body goes through so many changes you start feeling a little low and may feel like spending time with yourself and this may also cause you a little depression too.

  • It is a very obvious fact that your body stops feeling hungry when you are very tired and Jet lag can cause loss of hunger in you.

  • The change in timezones and the seasons may even leave you with gastric problems like diarrhea, vomiting and many others.  


We advise taking some precautions so that you don’t have to suffer later. 

Stay Hydrated: 

It is always advised to stay hydrated and the only reason is to keep your body function normally and smoothly. Our body is made up of water and staying hydrated will keep yu relaxed and provide the necessary minerals to you.

Reach before time:

Reach early to the airport so that you have time to relax and figure out the timings of the plane and then you can shop for the necessary items or can simply rest.

Avoid Alcohol and caffiene:

As we said you need to stay hydrated as it is very much important for you, the alcoholic drinks and caffeine can dehydrate your body and your body clock may get disturbed more.  Alcohol only adds to your discomfort hence, keep a timeline of 42 hrs before your flight and avoid it especially on your journey.


Keep stretching or moving as much as you can on your flight. Laying or sitting in the same position for many hours can freeze your body and may cause muscle sprain and pain in your body. Hence, try stretching or reclining yourself as much as you can. 

Flight timings:

Trying choosing flights that will make you reach your destination at night at around 10:00 pm so that you can sleep and adapt to the cycle there. When you travel you tend to get tired and will sleep as soon as you hit the bed. 

Trying adjusting few days before

You can start adjusting your body cycle a week before you are supposed to fly. You can match your clock to the destination’s and then you can ty following that pattern. This will eventually help you in avoiding the jet lag

Get the sunlight

Once you reach your destination get as much sunlight as you can but only the morning one. Try avoiding the sunlight from 12 to 4 pm as it might increase your dizziness.


taying perfectly fine when you travel helps you to enjoy it more and you can, in turn, keep yourself busy with other adventurous activities or can focus on your meeting a little more. We want everyone to stay healthy and cured with every possible disease. The Jet lag can be easily avoided if you get enough sleep on your flight and take a proper rest the next days and keep the alcoholic fluids away. 


The fluids you can try to curb the Jet lag are:


A warm cup of water and lemonade can keep you healthy and will help in lowering your headache.

Detox Water

Try carrying natural detox water that will help you stay hydrated and detoxified to keep you light all day long. You can prepare the easiest and refreshing detox drink by cutting the slices of cucumber, lemon, and mint and then pouring cold water on it. You can keep it aside for a few hours and then refill it and drink as many times as you could. 

TIP:  Avoid heavy meals on a flight or before the flight as the air pressure above is less and your body gets less oxygen which in turn makes it difficult to digest the food. 

Avoiding greasy food also helps a lot, try eating light to give your body proper rest. Also, you can carry a few essentials like neck pillow, eye band and a playlist full of soothing songs that could help you sleep better.

We understand how hectic today’s life is and traveling is a major part of many jobs nowadays. It is good to travel light but why to confine it to just packing. Extend it to your body too. Keep an active lifestyle for at least a week before you are traveling. The main aim is to let your body relax as long journeys are tiring and can give you jet lag and your body needs enough energy to get over it. 

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