Drop These Habits Now to Have Healthy Bones

It is very important to have healthy bones, so that, you can have a longer life. Bones play a very major role in our life as it forms the entire skeleton of our body. It is quite difficult to lead a life without having proper bones. Bones are made up of calcium, and we have to give our body the required amount of calcium daily. We have heard our ancestors telling us to eat or drink foods and fluids which are rich in calcium so that we can have healthy bones. However, there are a few food items and fluids that one must avoid so that they do not hamper our bones. Also, there are few Lifestyle activities that we need to change Today, itself so that we can lead a life where we can walk and do major activities even in our old age. It is very important to maintain the balance of calcium in our body too as the excess of it can lead to major health issues.

Here are the few things that we do daily and should stop doing right away for healthier bones.

Excessive Salt:

Salt helps in reducing the amount of calcium in our bodies. Hence, the salt intake makes our body gets rid of calcium. It means that our salt intake is not beneficial for our bones and hence, we should reduce its intake. Salt is needed by many other organs and bodily functions, and we can stop using it entirely. Our salt intake must not be more than 2,300 milligrams per day. There are a few food items like cheese and processed food items that are high on salt and must be avoided as much as you can.

Spending hours in front of the TV:

Watching your favorite show is not a bad idea but when you spend endless hours sitting in the same position your body gets weaker. It is not good for your health if you stay in a lethargic position for a longer duration as it might affect your bones. The bones and muscles need to bear the weight of your body so that you work against gravity. It is the only reason we are asked to move our bodies as much as you can. Hence, try not to binge-watching TV for extended hours or sit continuously for work.

Going for Bike Rides:

Bike rides may be good for your health but not for your bones. The weight-bearing activities can be beneficial for your bones as they help in increasing your bone density. Biking helps in making your lungs and heart stronger. It is always good to increase some weight lifting activities in your daily routine or the activities that will help in increasing bone density. Water-related activities are also good for you but make sure that you do not go for Miles bike riding as they do not have any benefit on your bones. They can make the situation a little bad for them.

Staying too much at home:

We completely understand that this is a time when we all need to stay at home and avoid going outside as much as we can. But staying too much in your room can make your body vitamin D deficient. Even if you are in this lockdown and at your home, you can stand for a few minutes into the balcony or at your terrace. We need to go and take vitamin D from the sunlight. 10 to 15, minutes every day is not too much to ask. But if you expose yourself to too much sunlight then you can resist yourself getting skin cancer. Also, you may get a sunburn. Vitamin D required for you can depend on various factors like your age, your skin color, and even the place where you dwell. Hence, it is very important to use sunscreen every time you are standing in the sun. Also, make sure that your diet increases a lot of vitamin D. If your diet is not able to complete your vitamin D requirement then you can ask your doctor for some vitamin D supplements too. But your bones need to get vitamin D and vitamin C in the proper amount.

Excessive alcohol:

Everybody says that taking the right amount of alcohol can help in saving you from many diseases. But no one tells you the right amount. Whenever we are out with our friends we tend to take more than necessary drinks which can interfere with our body and can absorb the Calcium from bones. Hence, it is very much important to know the right amount of alcohol that we should take even when we are outside. On regular days you should not drink more than one drink a day. However, if you are out with your friends partying then limit the amount to two drinks for the day. However, if we are talking about the daily limit Then, women should have only one glass of alcohol, and the men must not have more than two.


Smoking breaks you take might make us feel relaxed, but inhaling the cigarette smoke can make it difficult for your body to generate new bone tissue. The more you smoke, the more it affects. Hence, all smokers need to be careful about their habits. It is because smokers are at a greater risk of breaking their bones and taking longer in healing them. But when you stop smoking then you can start improving your overall health too. It might take several years to deplete the harmful effects of smoking caused on your body, but they are always worth it. You can't even imagine How Quitting Smoking Will Have Positive Effects on your body. Hence, try quitting it to get a healthy tomorrow.

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