Did You Know About These Skin Infections?

It is very raring to hear that someone died of a fungal infection. That's true, fungal infections are not serious. They might be itchy and sometimes annoying, but it is very raring to find them life-threatening. Fungal infections are a very common issue that people face due to poor personal hygiene. The very common issue that people face is athlete's foot. The ringworm being the second one. These are the fungus infections which are very common and easy to pass from one person to another. When this kind of fungal infection develops on a person's skin it is usually on the outer surface and can be cured. However, if someone is suffering from a disease like diabetes then this may last for a few more days. Hence, it is very much important to maintain your personal hygiene and to keep yourself healthy. If you are a gym freak then you need to take extra steps to protect yourself against these fungal infections. The people who sweat a lot can easily be susceptible to getting a fungal infection. There are various kinds of fungal infections that one can develop in their life. We are here to talk about a few of them.


It might be named as ringworm but it is not actually caused by the worms. This kind of fungal infection is red and raised in a circular formation. It is very itchy and can easily be developed on your body or on your scalp too. If you are more in contact with pets or contaminated items then you are at a greater risk of developing ringworm. Also, it spread from person to person. The only way to prevent it is by keeping your body clean and dry. Even if you develop ringworm the best way to reduce it or remove it is by keeping your body dry and clean every time. Also, there are many anti-fungal powders that one can use on their body. They absorb the extra moisture from your skin and help in treating this kind of infection better. Also, when you develop ringworm, you should not share your towel or any kind of personal item with anyone else.

Athlete’s foot:

If your toes are making you feel itchy and feeling cracked along with burning sensations or the skin might be peeling off then you might be suffering from athlete's foot. It is a very common fungal infection that develops in between the toes. It is usually spreading when you are not keeping your feet dry and clean. The common cause of it is a wet locker room or shoe. It is never advisable to share your towel or shoes with someone else as you might develop this disease from the infected person. You can prevent an athlete's feet by wearing the shower shoes whenever you are on a wet surface and ensuring that your feet are washed and dried daily. Also, one should always wear a clean pair of socks to avoid the Athlete's Foot.

Jock itch:

It is a quite embarrassing fungal infection if you are looking out for any kind of physical touch on your date night. A joke itch is usually a red rash around your groin area and is very itchy and raised. It can affect both men and women. It is one of the kinds of ringworm which can easily be caused due to the hot and humid environment which causes a lot of sweats. If your sweat is not being absorbed by some kind of cotton clothing then your skin gets affected by a fungal infection. The only way to prevent this fungal infection is by keeping the groin area clean and dry. One should change their undergarments every day and avoid tight clothing. One should wear clean clothes, and keep themselves dry whenever they are sweating.

Nail fungus:

Sometimes our nail gets thick and discolored. They also get brittle and this is known as the nail fungus. It can affect both your toenails and fingernails. The only way to prevent a nail fungus is by keeping your hands and feet clean and dry. One should always wear clean and dry socks and must change them regularly. Change your socks twice a day just to get double sure. Also, one should wear a shoe during public showers. You can probably wear shower shoes during the public showers or while going to a pool. When you walk into the wet locker room you should not walk barefoot. When you are suffering from athletes’ feet you should not scratch the infected area as it can spread the fungus into a larger area. Your toes should get enough space for breathing hence, one should always wear wide-toed shoes. Also, one should never share their nail Clippers as they might get nail fungus from an affected person.

There are certain ways by which one can prevent themselves from getting a fungal infection. As we already told you that it is very important to keep yourself clean and dry, here are a few tips that you can follow to stay away from the fungal infection:

One should always take care of their gym clothes as they are the best and topmost reason for getting a fungal infection. While you work out these gears get Sweaty and become the perfect home for any kind of germs to live and grow. Hence, it is very important to take care of your gym clothes by washing them after every exercise. Whenever you go out for a workout to ensure that you are wearing clean clothes.

Not just during the workout, but it is also very much important to take care of your hygiene at home. The best way to prevent a fungal infection from thriving into your home is by keeping your skin clean and dry. One should ensure that they change their underwear and socks on a daily basis. Even sneakers should get enough space so that it absorbs the moisture. Make sure you watch them regularly. Whenever you are at home remove your shoes and expose your feet and shoes to the air.

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