How Collagen Can Help with Hair Growth?

Your hair is a key ingredient of beauty! 

It’s something you never want to lose. It’s for sure that each one of us cannot do without our hair. And, shiny, voluminous & healthy hair is always beautiful. It gets you a lot of compliments. 

We have often heard that - collagen plays an essential role in keeping your hair healthy & beautiful. In fact, collagen is the building block of many parts of our body including skin & hair. 

Collage being the most abundant protein in the human body helps in the proper growth of hair & in keeping the skin healthy. In fact, collagen makes for 30 percent of the total body mass & 45 percent of dry skin of weight. 

With age, the level of collagen in the body starts decreasing making the aging signs like hair loss, wrinkles & sagging of skin visible on the skin. Let’s find out how collagen can improve or deteriorate the quality of your hair.

How collagen can Help with Hair Growth:

  1. Comes packed with Amino Acid helpful in improving the health of hair.

Hair is built with protein keratin. And, the body makes use of several of the amino acids to produce keratin. Some of these amino acids are found in collagen. It works like - when your body breaks down amino these acids, it’s further broken down to build compounds & proteins. Your body can make 11 nonessential amino acids and you would need to intake nine essential acids from your food. Collagen contains three important nonessential amino acids including hydroxyproline, glycine & proline (which is the key component of keratin. Therefore, obviously eating collagen improves the quality of your hair. 

  1. You can easily add this to your Daily Diet.

It is quite easy to add collagen to your diet via food & supplements. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can get this important part of collagen from muscles, skin & bones of fish, pork, chicken & beef. In fact, broth, which is made from the bones of animals, is all rich in gelatin & collagen. And, if you are vegetarian, go for Brussels sprouts, strawberries, Oranges, bell peppers & more. 

Also, if you can take collagen in the form of supplement powder or pills. You can add the collagen powder to coffee, smoothies & any other drink for taste. There are different flavors also available in the market. But, you have to see - because, in some people, supplements can also cause discomfort. 

  1. Protects your Hair Follicles from Damage.

Collagen helps in protecting the hair from the damage caused by free radicals. They act as an antioxidant. Free radicals are produced in the body because of the various lifestyle factors like alcohol, air pollutants, stress, poor dietary choices & more. And, DNA, your body cells & proteins can get damaged in the presence of too many free radicals. They can also cause harm to your hair follicles making your hair look lifeless & unhealthy. Aging is one of the factors for hair damage - as with aging the body's defense system against free radicals decreases. You need to maintain the level of collagen and antioxidant for the healthy growth of your hair. 

Other Benefits of Collagen:

  1. Makes Hair Look Voluminou Prevents thinning.

  2. Slows the Process of Graying Hair

  3. Makes your Hair Look Shinier.

  4. Keeps your hair Moisturized.

The Bottom Line:

Collagen promotes healthy hair in a number of ways. So if you want to look prettier, if you want to keep your hair look shinier, voluminous & healthy ~ make sure you are maintaining optimum levels of collagen in your body. 

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