It's Time To Follow A Minimalist Lifestyle: Be More With Less!

Minimalism is a new lifestyle. It is a concept of living that is luring people all across the world and making them feel the need for a complete lifestyle change. Behind this concept, the philosophy is to get rid of excessive things that have no value. It is to live on experiences rather than worldly possessions. Although a great history backs the idea of minimalism, it recently gained popularity in the 20th century. You can find its mentions throughout history, but recently it has become the most significant trend and a way of living. 


In this article, we will explain to you what minimalism is, some prominent minimalist lifestyle tips, and its benefits. While many think of it as a millennial fad, in reality, embracing it for the right reasons will benefit life like nothing else. Carefully read the complete article and try to practice it in your lifestyle. 


Find out how you can make a positive change in your lifestyle! Let’s dive in!!!


What Is Minimalism or Simple Minimalist Lifestyle?



There’s no universal definition of a simple minimalist lifestyle or minimalism. It can be defined differently for different people and have multiple meanings. However, to make it a little more clearer, the renowned author - Joshua Becker explains it as, “Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we value most in life by removing anything that distracts us from it.” 


In other words, a simple minimalist lifestyle is a unique lifestyle that involves the voluntary reduction of the number of goods to a minimum. It aims to eliminate clutter from all aspects of life and make it free from the materialistic world. Minimalism is a way of stopping the world's gluttony and adopting a lifestyle that requires a focus on things that a person truly needs. 


Benefits Of Living A Simple Minimalist Lifestyle


Minimalism provides its followers with some obvious benefits. Although it is a simple concept, pursuing it is of great advantage. Some of the prominent minimalist lifestyle benefits are given below. 


1. Following a simple minimalist lifestyle helps create a room that you can fill with meaningful stuff instead of cluttering it with unnecessary junk. 


2. It provides freedom from everything you don’t need in your life, such as debt, greed, obsession, and overwork.


3. Simplifying your life by becoming a minimalist will make you feel happier, more stable, and less stressed. It provides peace of mind with ultimate calmness.


4. This concept of living helps discover the mission and purpose of lives which ultimately makes us feel more confident and self-reliant.


5. It is rightly said- “When you don’t have anything to lose, you have no fear of failure.” Following a simple minimalist lifestyle will help you let go of all your fears of losing things that do not make your life worthwhile.


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Minimalist lifestyle tips For Beginners: How To Get Started With Minimalism?


If you are ready to follow minimalism in your lifestyle, here’s how you can do that. Below given are the five most vital minimalist lifestyle tips that will help you reap the maximum benefits of this purposeful lifestyle.  


1. Get Your Loved Ones On Board



For succeeding in your endeavor towards minimalism, one of the best minimalist lifestyle tips you can get is to be open to communication. If you connect with your friends and family who can understand you and support you will make the journey easier for you. Involving people in your changes will also motivate them to follow a simple minimalist lifestyle. They could be next on the list of minimalism; you never know.


2. Keep Patience And Take Baby Steps



Regardless of what change you are making in your lifestyle, patience is of paramount importance. You can’t make a huge change overnight; instead, you must take baby steps towards your ultimate goal- a simple minimalist lifestyle. This is one of the most effective minimalist lifestyle tips that you must remember when you start to live minimally. To get things going, you should begin sorting room by room or closet by closet and try to give up on at least some items every week. Over a period of time, all your efforts will add up and let you achieve your goal.


3. Think Carefully Before You Make A Purchase



Practice mindfulness while making a purchase is an excellent addition to the list of minimalist lifestyle tips. This is one of the tips that every minimalist must keep in mind while going out for shopping. Although being a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t purchase anything, it requires you to make sensible purchases. In simple words, you should buy only those things that add some sort of value to your life and make your soul happy. 


4. Choose A “Right-size” Of Space For Living



We all want to move into a gigantic apartment, drive a luxurious car, and live a fairytale life. But, in reality, it is of no worth. Buying a giant apartment and living with one or two members is nothing but a waste of space. Of all the minimalist lifestyle tips we have stated, choosing a “right-size” space is the most pivotal. If you choose the path of minimalist living, you need to make the most of the less that you have. This means you should evaluate the minimum space you actually require for living and then try to make the most of it. This is what a simple minimalist lifestyle is all about- Be more with less!


5. Find Your Purpose Of Pursuing A Simple Minimalist Lifestyle



Here’s one of the most crucial minimalist lifestyle tips. If you are thinking about living a simple minimalist lifestyle, it is of great importance that you take out some time and understand your purpose behind it. Learning why you want to do this, or what makes you a minimalist, helps you to remain focused and follow the journey wholeheartedly. Remember- “You will never be motivated to do anything just for the sake of doing it.” Hence, keep this tip in mind and find your purpose. 


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Common Misconceptions About Minimalism


Ever since the concept of a simple minimalist lifestyle has started gaining public attention, various misconceptions or misunderstandings have been expressed which are not valid. Everyone has their own idea of minimalism that doesn’t require to match with others. That is why this concept cannot be restricted to anything particular.


Below given are some of the common misconceptions or perceptions that people have about the simple minimalist lifestyle.


1. There are a set of rules to follow that determine what a minimalist can do and what they cannot.

2. Being a minimalist, you need to throw everything out, and your home should be empty. 

3. It is a new concept that is introduced in the 21st century. 

4. Minimalists can’t buy anything new even if they love it.

5. A simple minimalist lifestyle means living a frugal lifestyle and wearing the same thing every day.


Final Takeaway


A simple minimalist lifestyle is a voluntary choice based on the promise “Less is more.” It is all about living with less and enjoying a free and exhilarating life. A minimalist lives with the idea to leave behind all the worldly things and carry with them precious memories throughout their lifetime. Undoubtedly, it is a task not to get distracted in the era of social media and advertisement. But winning back your focus and overcoming your distractions will lately thank you. Stay focused, keep minimalist lifestyle tips in mind, and embrace the idea of a simple minimalist lifestyle. 



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