World Blood Donor Day 2021: Everything That You Need To Know

“Give blood and keep the world-beating.”


Blood transfusion can save the lives of millions of people. In today’s era, it is a need for the hour for donors to come up and donate safe blood. Every second, in some part of the world, someone needs blood. With this in mind, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on June 14. It is an international event celebrated worldwide to pay homage to unpaid volunteer donors to save various lives. Alike every year, June 14 this year is going to be celebrated as World Blood Donor Day 2021. 


World Blood Donor Day 2021 aims to increase awareness about the necessity of blood donation and the importance of safe blood. Furthermore, it is an act to honor the blood donors that supply blood to the needy voluntarily. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for blood donation has risen immensely to improve the health of the patients and their quality of life. This makes it vital for people to know the significance of blood donation. 

Read this article and learn about World Blood Donor Day 2021. 


World Blood Donor Day 2021 Events In America



Event for the Region of the Américas


The event will be held by the Pan American Health Organization to increase knowledge about the importance of voluntary donors to save lives. It is also aiming to attain universal health all across America.


When: June 14, 2021

Where: Hamilton, Bermuda and Kingston, Jamaica

Time:  9:00 a.m. Jamaica Time / 10:.00  EDT - Washington, DC.

Virtual Forum Promotion of Voluntary Blood Donation


The forum will be conducted to let people know about the implemented initiatives by the official authorities and the contribution of young people in blood donation. Furthermore, it is a way to appreciate the efforts of people and encourage others to contribute too.


When: June 16, 2021 

Time:  15:00 p.m. - 17:30 a.m.  EDT - Washington, DC.

Languages: Translations in Spanish, English, and Portuguese


Objective Behind World Blood Donor Day 2021



Here are some specific goals of World Blood Donor Day 2021:


1. Thank the donors worldwide who contributed by donating blood and celebrating their potential in health promotion.

2. Increase public awareness about the importance of donating blood regularly.

3. Encourage the young generation to join a humanitarian call for blood donation and motivate others to do likewise. 

4. Make people aware of the communal values of donating blood in strengthening social cohesion and community solidarity.


Key Messages To Deliver Through World Blood Donor Day 2021



World Blood Donor Day 2021 is a celebration by which WHO (World Health Organisation) wants to convey a few messages. Here some of them:


1. In every few seconds, someone needs blood in some corner of the world. To fulfill this need, the world requires enough donors to donate blood.

2. Every year, blood and blood products transfusion can help millions of people all across the globe. And it is the right of every individual to get a safe blood transfusion whenever needed. 

3. Eligible individuals, who qualify the blood donor criteria, should voluntarily contribute every month as it can save many lives.

4. Authorities must ensure the safety of all blood donors. This will help to motivate them to donate blood voluntarily.  

5. Government and all the health authorities should take all the measures to ensure that infrastructure should be on point. With this, the Blood quality assurance systems should also be improved for ensuring safety, donors should be provided quality care, and blood transfusion systems should be appropriately examined. 


Who Can Donate Blood?



Now the question comes, who can donate blood on World Blood Donor Day 2021? Can anyone donate blood, or are there specific criteria for it? Well, most people who are in good health can donate blood. However, there are specific criteria or requirements that a blood donor must fulfill. Here are some of the eligibility guidelines to meet.




Anyone who is in between 18 to 65 years can donate blood. However, some countries also allow individuals of 16 and 17 years if they pass the health requirements.  




Blood donors must be in good health while they are donating blood. Anyone suffering from a cold, flu, stomach ace, or any other infection cannot contribute. Hemoglobin level is also checked, and it must be above the minimum requirement.


If a person got a tattoo or piercing, they have to wait for six months to donate blood. However, if a person has undergone a minor dental treatment, they can’t donate blood for 24 hours.




The donor must have at least a 50 kg weight. In some countries, a person with at least 45 kg weight can donate approximately 350 ml of blood.  




Any individual who is indulged in an “at-risk” sexual activity, visited a place that is affected by mosquito infection, or has ever tested HIV positive, can’t donate blood. Also, pregnant women can’t donate, both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.


Importance Of Blood Donation


Here are a few reasons for donating blood. World Blood Donor Day 2021 is also a medium to make people aware of the importance of blood donation. Here are some of the paramount significance:


1. It Can Save Various Lives


In the human body, blood is a fundamental fluid. Lack of blood supply might result in the death of an individual. At a time when blood transfusion was not a common practice, various lives were lost. Later, blood donation helped the world to manage this loss. It serves a wide array of medical requirements in minor operations to severe medical emergencies in today’s era. World Blood Donor Day is just a way to let people know the importance of donating blood. 


2. There Is A Huge Need Of Blood and Blood Donors


The massive need for blood is also a reason why the donors should come up and donate the blood. Even though donating blood is a fast, simple, and highly safe process, the number of donors worldwide is relatively low. Just a tiny part of the population is donating the blood, say 10%. To increase the number or percentage of donors, people are requested to donate blood. World Blood Donor Day is a reminder for people that someone requires blood every second in the US or other parts of the world. 


3. Blood Is A Universal Requirement


Blood is, obviously, a requirement for people all across the globe. The donation is needed to fulfill the universal requirement for blood. However, evaluating the demand clarified that a time with “too many blood donors” can never be achieved. Although some countries can manage to fulfill their individual need for blood, finding safe blood for transfusion is still a global issue. This makes blood donation a critical activity for all eligible individuals.


More Information About World Blood Donor Day 2021



1. Host of World Blood Donor Day 2021

WHO selected “Italy” for the World Blood Donor Day 2021. The country will host the event this year through its National Blood Centre. The global event will take place as usual on June 14, 2021, in Rome, Italy. Various countries, blood centers, and communities will take part in the event. 


2. Why Is It World Blood Donor Day Celebrated On June 14?

The history of Blood Donor Day goes way back to 2000. In the year 2000, the theme of World Health Day was Blood transfusion, i.e., Safe Blood Starts With Me. After five years in 2005, World Blood Donor Day was created as a global event at World Health Assembly. From then on, every year on June 14, people come together to donate blood and spread awareness about it. Now the question arises- Why June 14? The reason behind the selection of this date was the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the Nobel Prize Winner. 


Karl was an Austrian physician and biologist who is the founder of modern blood transfusion. He and his expertise is the reason behind blood transfusion in today’s world. To pay him the tribute and keep his contributions alive, June 14 is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day.


3. World Blood Donor Day Theme For 2021 

Every year, there is a different theme for World Blood Donor Day. In 2021, the theme will be “Celebrating the Gift of Blood,” and the slogan will be “Give blood and keep the world-beating.” The slogan and theme itself speak about the highlight of World Blood Donor Day 2021. It conveys the importance of blood donation to maintain the pulsation of the world. The celebration is a call for people worldwide to donate blood to save lives and boost the health of others.




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