8 Fun Ways To Celebrate The International Day Of Families
Cured The International Day of Families


Family is like branches growing from trees; we all share the same roots but grow in distinct directions. Family offers us a sense of belonging and security, having someone with whom we can share our feelings and problems and gain safety and comfort. Family is built stronger with mutual respect and accountability. The 15th of May every year marks the International Day of Families all across the globe. The family system constitutes the most essential element of a social and serene society. The primary purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the significance of families in our lives. The International Day of Families promotes the value of a well-balanced and healthy family. As a result, the International Day of Families draws policymakers' attention to the need to develop and implement policies that foster a nurturing environment at the family level for both children and adults. Because, as the saying goes, "a dysfunctional family system cannot build a functional society."


History of International Day of Families

During the 1980s, the United Nations Organization gave more importance and attention to family-related issues globally. The UN raised awareness amongst policymakers and the public about family issues and needs, and it also suggested practical ways to fulfill those needs. On the 9th of December, 1989, the United Nations General Assembly declared the International Year of Families in a passed resolution. The 15th of May was expressed as the International Day of Families by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993. This day is the perfect time to promote awareness of domestic issues and highlight the lesser-known social, economic, and demographic issues affecting families internationally. In most nations, the International Day of Families allows families to come together and think about the different areas of interest and activities to celebrate their families. The theme of International Family Day 2022 is "Families and Urbanization."


Fun ways to celebrate International Day of Families

In honor of this important day, here is a list of bonding activities you can do with your family.


1. Plant a family garden 

Enjoy a sunny day outside and plant a family garden. Kids these days are spending more time indoors glued to screens. Encourage your family to come together by getting the shovels and digging a patch to plant flowers or vegetables in the backyard. Children must be taught the values of life, and gardening is a fantastic way to introduce these moral lessons. Teach them how to create, nurture and sustain life which will be a life lesson for the kids to learn. They will enjoy getting their hands dirty in the soil while also learning how to be patient and take care of the nature around us by watering the plants and looking after them. It is never too late to teach your children the joys of creating a beautiful garden or how to grow their own vegetables and fruits. However, those who don't have a garden can also work on the same and create a beautiful indoor or kitchen garden.


2. Cooking a family meal together

Some say home is where the heart is, and nothing feels more homely than the family kitchen. It is where the whole family can gather, and sit together to devour delicious, aromatic food over good conversation and shared laughter. Also, studies have proven that children who eat together with their families are significantly less likely to develop an eating disorder or suffer from depression. Also, having regular conversations at mealtime is linked with better communication skills between kids and parents, boosting confidence. You can get creative and try your hands at cooking with everyday recipes that are family-friendly to make.


3. Creating family stories

The stories of each family are unique – no one else in the world has the same history as your family. Retelling the family's past and present stories with your kids brings the family together and creates a timeless connection between many generations. Spend the evenings sitting in the living room with your family, listening and sharing as many stories about your family history. The more prosperous and more detailed, the better! The children will be fascinated to hear about their great-grandparents and beyond, but they will also have cherished memories they will never forget. 


4. Backyard camping

Another great way to get the entire family outdoors is to plan a fun night camping in the backyard or at the nearest camping spot. While vacations can be a good bonding experience, camping in your own backyard can be a more exciting experience for the young tots and adults. Backyard camping is a fun and family-friendly experience for all – even the pets! A tent, some blankets, pillows, torches, tea, and snacks for munching are all you need, and you are good to go for the family adventure in your backyard. Camping under the stars with a bonfire is a must-to-do activity with your family if you haven't done it. Also, you can try your hands at the barbeque and impress your loved ones with your cooking skills.


Celebrate The International Day Of Families cured

5. Creating a homemade obstacle course

If you are feeling adventurous, why not create a homemade obstacle course? What needs to be done is just throw together some chairs for jumping over and crawling under, move the lounge chairs and tables around to create obstacles, and create tunnels out of rugs and bedsheets and the fun now awaits. Kids love it when they see their parents jump in on the action, as they usually do not get to see you acting silly and playful around. Or, if you do not necessarily want the kids running around inside the house, you can also create a fun backyard obstacle course to complete together as a family. Bring out your inner child and get goofy with the adventure in your own home.


6. Making a dessert 

While adults can create a base or batter for the dessert, their kids can assist them in decorating the delicious desserts. From puddings to cookies and cakes, various things can be made from scratch. Additionally, many families purchase ready-made items and decorate the baked goodies in their home area according to their own creativity. The kids can goof around with you decorating those donuts and cupcakes with colorful sprinkles. Baking brings your close ones closer. Grab the whisk and get on baking some delicious goodies this family day.


7. Playing board games

Board games include Monopoly, ludo, housie to scrabble, ludo, or chess. They are not just loved by children but also by adults. The family can choose the games according to the time they want to invest among various options. Board games bring the families together. Give some silly dares to the losing team and let the madness roll!


8. Hiking

They say travel is the greatest teacher. In this world of sky-rocketing technology and more time spent staring at screens than in the fresh air, it can be challenging to find the time to hang out and relax as a family and enjoy the outdoors. Take the nearest trekking trail with your family. Trekking in the wild with your loved ones as your co-trekkers will be fun and exciting. The scenic treks in the lap of mother nature will promise numerous beautiful family photos and a bagful of memories you and your kids will cherish forever.



Family is a safe haven for all of us. The laughter, fun, madness, obstacles, and misunderstandings make the relationship with our family members even more special and beautiful. In a family, we should always be grateful to each other for being with us through our thick and thin. We should fill our hearts with gratitude on this International Day of Families and celebrate it to our fullest. This day should be celebrated with loved ones, and each member of the family should be appreciated for the love and warmth they shower on us. We hope this article gave you an insight into all the fun ways to celebrate the International Day of Families. If you want to know more about health and lifestyle for you and your family, check out for information and tips! 

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