Top 8 Ways To Make Homemade Pizzas Healthy

Cured  Homemade Pizzas Healthy


Are you trying to eat healthier but can not seem to give up on your favorite of all times - a pizza? Fret not! You can use several ways to intelligently make your homemade pizza way healthier to enjoy the delicacy guilt-free. All you need to do is to follow these simple tips.


Benefits of having a homemade pizza

The first and foremost advantage of having a homemade pizza is that you control what ingredients you want to use in your pizza. You can use a home-cooked pizza base, your favorite cheese, and the healthy toppings you like. You can use all healthy and fresh veggies and toppings on your pizza. You know that the ingredients you use are fresh, and you keep a check on what you are using. Furthermore, ordering a pizza or eating out in a pizza place costs way more than what a homemade pizza would cost you.


How to make a pizza base at home


  • Active dry yeast
  • Warm water
  • Bread flour
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Virgin olive oil


  1. Put some warm water in a bowl and sprinkle the active dry yeast into the warm water. Let it sit for a few minutes in the bowl.
  2. Once the yeast has dissolved completely, it will start to bubble up.
  3. Add the bread flour, salt, sugar, and virgin olive oil into the bowl and stir it slowly.
  4. Once you have the mixture ready, you can now either hand knead it or use a kneading machine to prepare the dough.
  5. If the dough is too wet, you can sprinkle on some flour and knead it again.
  6. Coat your dough with virgin olive oil and cover it with a plastic wrap sheet. Let it sit in the bowl for some time to let it rise.
  7. The more the dough rises, the greater your pizza would turn out. If you want the dough to rise faster, keep the bowl on a heated pan or in any warm place.
  8. Once your dough is ready, you can mold it into a pizza base and continue with the toppings.


8 Ways to Make Homemade Pizzas Healthy

1. Use a whole-grain crust.

Instead of buying pizza bases from the bakery with excessive amounts of yeast and added preservatives, use healthy grains and pulses at your home to make nutritious and delicious whole grain pizza crust. Doing this will make your pizza healthier and add a certain amount of fiber and proteins to your meal. You can make a whole wheat base at home by simply blending whole wheat, yeast, curd, and other essential ingredients using a blender and kneading it into a dough. Making dough at home is that you can mold it into any shape you like.


2. Use a thin-crust

To cut down more on carbs without affecting the taste of your pizza, you can opt for a thin crust pizza instead of a regular one. You can carry out this by rolling your dough on the thinner side. This also means adding more veggies to make yourself feel full because the crust is now only a thin layer. The taste remains, but you cut down on carbs and calories and make your pizza way healthier. 


Cured Pizza Recipe Homemade


3. Avoid heavy cheese

We understand that you cannot wholly eradicate using cheese on your pizza because cheese is the essence of a pizza! Adding cheese not only enhances the taste of the pizza but also compliments the sauce and the veggies you pair with it. But, to cut down some unnecessary calories from your pizza, you can use lighter variations of different cheese instead of the heavy ones. You can use a combination of various healthy cheese options like low-fat parmesan, blue cheese, and part-skim mozzarella. The cheese itself is a high-protein component compared to butter, but still, over-consumption is unhealthy; hence, it is essential to check on how much you use in your homemade pizzas. 


4. Check your portions

It is a widely established fact that one can eat an entire pizza without feeling full, so it becomes necessary to keep track of how much of the delicacy is needed to fill your stomach. Do not overeat just because it is a pizza. Pay attention to the number of slices you gulp. Keep a look at the number of slices you intake and question yourself if you need the last slice in your tummy


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5. Use healthy toppings

Splash all the vegetables and meats left in your refrigerator on your pizza. Preparing your pizza with healthy toppers is a pro tip to make it healthier and more delicious and enjoy it without any guilt. You can add green veggies like broccoli for fiber, meat, and chicken for proteins, and other colorful veggies like bell peppers for vitamins on your pizza. Using a variety of toppings also makes your pizza look colorful and more enjoyable. Avoid fatty toppings such as pepperoni and sausages, which have many calories and carbs in them, along with high preservatives and salts.


6. Use healthier oils

Oil is one of the ingredients we regularly consume that gives us the most calories and carbs. Consuming a large amount of oil also increases the amount of cholesterol in your body, which can be alarming for your heart health. The cheese you use on your pizza will eventually blob some oil, so be mindful of using oil. Use oil when cooking your pizza or preparing your crust. You can switch to healthier alternatives like virgin olive oil, plant-based oils, omega-3-rich oils, etc. 


7. Use homemade pizza sauce

Instead of buying expensive canned pizza sauces from the market, which are unhealthy for you as they contain added preservatives and are not a hundred percent natural, you can prepare your pizza sauce at home. The method is simple and requires a mere five to seven minutes for preparation. You can store homemade pizza sauce for a long time, plus they can be customized according to your liking!


8. Pair with a side

If you are having a pizza for a meal, it is intelligent to pair it up with a healthier side like a salad or a veg mix. This aims at making you full earlier than you thought; thus, you consume fewer calories from the pizza and more from the healthy side you opted for.


Cured Home made Pizza


5 Unique ideas to make a healthy pizza

1. Fruit Pizza

Well, no matter how absurd this sounds, it is a perfect way to enjoy a pizza and get more than the nutrients and deliciousness offered by any other kind of pizza. This can be used as a meal and as a dessert as well. All you need is to prepare a fluffy and smooth overcoat for your base and then splash out all your favorite fruits on it. You can even be funkier by adding some whipped cream and honey glaze!


2. Breakfast mini pizzas

If you are craving a pizza, but it is still breakfast time, why not have a mini and healthy pizza for breakfast? Just like you would prepare your morning toast, take your whole wheat bread as your base, splash on some salsa sauce, eggs, hams, and other toppings you like. This breakfast is filled with protein and taste.


3. Keto pizza

If you are on a keto diet, you can still have pizzas with a pepperoni topping. You can have mini pizzas with an almond and coconut flour base. On top of your nutritious base, you can use cheese and pepperoni as toppings.


4. Veg Wraps

Are you short on pizza bases and too lazy to knead one for a pizza night? Do not worry. You can still have the taste of a delicious pizza wrapped up in a veggie roll. You can use the same toppings and ingredients on your pizza in a tortilla or a calzone. It not only requires the same ingredients, but it also tastes better and is healthier.


5. Pizza Burger

We are all fans of both burgers and pizzas, but have we ever considered combining both delicacies? That's what a pizza burger is. It blends the best tastes from a burger - its crispy buns and patty, and a pizza - its yummy mozzarella and colorful toppings, into one.


Wrapping up

Now that you know how to make your favorite dish nutritious and delicious, it is time to make a healthy pizza for yourself as a treat and gobble it up! For more tips on eating healthy and guilt-free, follow!

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